Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is browser software application, it has top security features which protect user’s devices from viruses, malware, cyber threats etc. Screen grab protection, blocking of spam website, login key protection. It permits its users to browse the internet without the tension of cyber threats. Install it on your device and keep your device safe from unwanted activities.If any problem occurs with AOL Desktop Gold users then take help of AOL tech support team through AOL Desktop Gold technical support number which is always reachable for everyone. If you want to install AOL Desktop Gold then simply follow given instructions.

Download AOL Desktop Gold

If you have AOL Advantage plan then AOL Desktop Gold ask for no cost for membership.

  1. At sign in your AOL account.
  2. Here you will found “All Products” then scroll down to “AOL Desktop Gold”.
  3. Tap at “Download now”.

If you have subscribed AOL Gold or trial.

  1. Sign in at
  2. Now click to “Manage My Subscription”.
  3. Click on “Premium Subscription”.

There is also one option to download AOL Desktop Gold by using the link which you get from official AOL signup confirmation email.

  1. In email search “Get started with AOL Desktop Gold”.
  2. Click and open it.
  3. Now tap to “Download AOL Desktop Gold” or “Update Now”.
  4. Navigate the download folder and click to save.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

  1. After download, your AOL Desktop Gold open the download folder.
  2. Here you will find theicon of “Install AOL Desktop” double-click on it. After click a windows security windows will open.
  3. Tap to run then AOL Desktop Gold Windows will open.
  4. Now click to “Install Now”.
  5. If you have an older version then you may be prompted to uninstall it or import your mail. Click on “Yes and then “OK”.

Finally, your AOL Desktop Gold has downloaded and installs properly. If any issue occurs with you then reach to technical experts through AOL tech support number which is always open for users. Without any hesitation ask your problem to technical experts always.

Download AOL Desktop Gold

How to download and install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a browser which is specially designed to protect from cyber threats to the computer. Users of AOL Desktop Gold can browse the internet without the tension get hacked or cybercrime. If you don’t have AOL Desktop Gold and want to use it then simply download and install on your device. Hence you are a new user, therefore, it may possible that your face trouble to install it. Therefore to fix such issues AOL has AOL Desktop Gold technical support number on which experts will assist you to install it.

If you are trying to download and install AOL Desktop Gold then follow the instructions given below:

To download it from an older version of AOL Desktop

  1. In menu bar tap to Services.
  2. Open the AOL My Benefits pages
  3. Scroll and select “Download for another computer”.
  4. Save it by click on save button.
  5. Then follow the given step below finish the install “From AOL Desktop”.

Download from a web browser

If you want to download AOL Desktop Gold browser from Web then follow simple steps given here:

  1. Sign in your AOL account at
  2. In the section “All products” select “AOL Desktop Gold.”
  3. Click on Download now in new windows/tab.
  4. Select to Upgrade now.
  5. Now click to download AOL desktop gold. It will start to download automatically.
  6. When installation finished it “From Windows File Explorer” section show follow its instruction.

Download AOL Desktop Gold from the email you received

  1. In the email search the inbox by type subject line “Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold.”
  2. Open the email.
  3. Select the option to Download AOL Desktop Goldor Update Now.
  4. Tap to save it to start the download.
  5. After finish, the installation of “AOL Desktop Gold” follow the instruction of below section “From Windows File Explorer”

After following these steps if you face error to download and installation of AOL Desktop Gold then simply reach out to AOL Desktop Gold tech support number which is available 24/7 hours. Service of customer support is always available for its users to help and fix their issues related to AOL Desktop Gold.