Unable to Print from within AOL Desktop Gold

Have you tried using the latest technology of AOL Desktop Gold? If no then you are behind the time, you need to download AOL Desktop Gold at once. This application is used by millions of users all over the world because of its advanced features and easy accessibility.

Like all other applications and products, AOL Desktop Gold is also not away from technical and performance hiccups. Unable to print after giving the command from this application is one such issue which requires proper guidance from the experts to fix it.

You need to understand the reason why you confront this issue and then only you apply the steps needed to fix it. The issue of inability to print can be because of

  • Faulty printer
  • Corrupted printer file
  • Outdated driver and software

How to fix Unable to print issue

The steps required to fix the print issue in AOL Desktop Gold are mentioned below but make sure to perform the steps as directed:

Method 1: Check if the printer is working with another program

  • Create a new text document by doing a right click on the desktop
  • Write some dummy text in it
  • Then save it
  • And give the command to print the text document
  • If the print command does not work then follow the next method

Method 2: Clear the print spooler

Sometimes an issue arises due to the corrupted print spooler. So you need to clear the spooler

  • From the taskbar open printer icon located at bottom of the left side
  • A new window will appear showing some print jobs
  • If there are any pending print jobs then you need to delete it
  • After successful deletion of all job close the window.

Sometimes online a proper restart of the system and printer will solve the issue. But other time when you are sure that it is not the printer’s fault which causes error then you need to check the application is it updated or not. If not then it is advisable to update AOL Desktop Gold to rectify all types of issues. Even after doing these steps, the inability to print problem persist then you need to get in touch with a certified technician who can fix the issue in a fraction of second.


Access att u-verse my account

Access att u-verse my account

The webmail AT&T has launched Its Mobile Mail App by which users can access their AT&T email account easily. The U-verse App is compatible with the Android operating system. Those users who have Android smartphone can download & install this email app. In next step, users require to setup and configure their AT&T email account. Then users of AT&T email app users can access their account by the login. Somehow there are some people who reported that they stuck while login!

Yes, when they try to login AT&T email on U-verse App they get “Login error.” To sort out this problem users need to get help via customer care team. No need to confuse how to reach att customer care? Because the team of AT&T email tech support is always available to resolve its user’s problem via AT&T email customer support number. Those users who are getting the sign in trouble with AT&T email can reach to trained experts of customer care team to find the solution.

Prominent features of AT&T Mail app:-

  • It is easy to access AT&T email account through U-Verse App.
  • You can not only access the email account but can read the news, latest updates.
  • Ability to watch latest & funny video etc.
  • Its users can watch live TV from anywhere they want.
  • Powerful searching to find important email messages.

Since, the U-verse app has various features with ultimate quality, why not to install this app on your smartphone. In spite of all, when its users face login problem due to connectivity problem, network issue or even due to caches. They can opt for customer care for troubleshooting. Through AT&T customer care number users can rectify their email login trouble as soon as possible. That’s why if the users failed to log in and want a solution they can get in touch with customer care team. The service of customer support is 24 X 7 available for its all users. So, ever you stuck with email login trouble can reach out to the customer care support without worry. The team of technicians will sort out your issues in short span.

How to setup HP LaserJet 1020 printer drivers on Mac OS

Are you confused in deciding which printer will be best according to your requirements? Then without thinking much go for HP LaserJet 1020 printer which is available in affordable price for both colored or black and white printing. But you need to be careful while using it because if you don’t know how to use it then you may come across an unwanted error. In a situation like this just reach HP Printer technical support number available at all time for on-time guidance and assistance. The support teams are known for their polite behavior and prompt service.

While using the printer you can face many issues which may be frustrating at times. But after purchasing the brand new printer you are stuck how to make it print your documents. You need to first set up the printer driver. The software which provides access to features of the printer and is the bridge of communication between device and printer is termed as Printer Driver.

How to setup HP LaserJet 1020 printer drivers on Mac OS

In order to set up the printer you must follow each step given in this blog carefully:

  • First turn off the printer and unplug the cables
  • In the official website enter the model number of the printer for which you are searching the driver
  • Download and install the latest available version of HP LaserJet 1020 printer driver
  • Select and download available latest file of HP LaserJet 1020 from Printer Setup Utility
  • Delete any previous file for HP LaserJet 1020
  • Then run the DMG file and turn on the printer
  • Go to ‘system and Preference’ and click on Print and Fax
  • Add your printer after selecting it from Printer Setup Utility

If while performing the above-mentioned steps you get stuck in between then feel free to connect with HP Printer Customer support number who are online all day long without any time and location constraints. The team of experts who have their hands set on every available model of HP are all time ready to solve your query in the best possible way in minimum time.

How to download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop

Although the old version of Adobe Photoshop has various features if you want to get more advanced features, then you must download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. The latest version of Adobe software has editing features like vector graphics, graphics design, video editing and much more. The best thing about this software is that if users want they can get customer support instantly via Adobe customer care number. To download its latest version you need to follow the steps described below one by one.

Steps to download Adobe Photoshop software:

Step 1: Go to the official site of adobe and search Adobe Photoshop. Now click on the unpaid version & download it.

Step 2: Sign in to the Adobe account. If you are a new user and want to create a new account then tap to “Create new account.” Now fill the complete information which is required in the field. Then click on continue.

Step 3: Accept the terms & condition of the Adobe and again tap to continue.

Step 4: Now you have to install the download file.

Step 5: Once the installation process will complete, you will get a dialog box. Type the email address & password into the required field.

Step 6: Now you will have to visit at next page of the installation window, from the drop-down menu choose the language format. Finally, click on the start button.

Step 7: Finally, you will have to configure the application and after complete configuration, restart your computer.

At the last length, Adobe Photoshop is ready to run. If you have any doubt or trouble related to this software, just reach out to the customer support. The trained and experienced team of customer care is always available to rectify its user’s problem. You can just try Adobe customer support number which is always reachable to sort out hassles. Without any hesitation, you should get in touch with customer care experts and try to resolve the error. So, when Adobe customer service is 24 X 7 available, you don’t need to worry about issues.

How to fix Yahoo email error 18

Yahoo tech Support Number

Yahoo is one of the oldest email services used by people worldwide. It is through Yahoo mail that communication process entered a new dimension of interactivity. With its simple but powerful features, Yahoo email fulfills the need of non-verbal formal interaction. There are certain times when the users of this mail face some technical glitches and occurrence of errors is also a common issue. Error 18 occurs most frequently with the users who use this email on daily basis. But it’s not that the error is something unfixable, you can always reach out to Yahoo customer support Number for availing help regarding the issue of error.

When the error 18 appears, the users feel the inability to open their inboxes. Usually, this error rectifies within a while of appearing. But it is advised to resolve it timely so that it may not lead to the occurrence of other issues.

Fixing the Yahoo email error 18

Method 1: restart your system

  • Click on the start button and simply press the Windows key on keyboard
  • Click shut down button
  • After it choose to restart

Method 2: Restore your computer

  • Go to start button
  • Select the computer and then right click on it
  • Choose properties option
  • Go to control panel > system protection
  • Choose system restore option > click OK to restore

Method 3: Check updates of your Operating System

Check if your system needs an update, if yes then reinstall or update the operating system

Method 4: Reset the settings of your browser

  • Check the settings of your browser
  • Clear all: history, caches, and cookies
  • Reset the settings to default

If any of the above methods do not work your way even after trying the troubleshooting, then, without doing much effort and wasting any more time, do reach out to Yahoo technical support number which is available 24 hours of the day. The trained team of certified experts will help you in going through the manual assistance on your device and thereafter you will be provided with an adequate solution to the issue of error.

How to unlock an AT&T email account?

Those users who send the bulk of emails or suspicious messages through AT&T account, often their account get locked due to security reason. If you are getting the message that your account is locked then you will have to wait for few days. If you have some urgent work and it is necessary to unblock the email account. Get help via AT&T email technical Support number which is always available. The professionals of customer support are all time available for troubleshooting. Well, if you want the before connecting with customer care, you can try some steps to unlock the AT&T mail.

Steps to unlock the AT&T email:

  • First all you should wait for an hour and retry to access the AT&T webmail. Sometimes within one hour the locked account get unlock without any trouble.
  • If you are still getting same trouble then proceed to change the password or reset it.
  • Visit at “forgot password” link and create a new password for your AT&T webmail. Try to access email with a new password of AT&T.
  • You can try again to access the email account but if still, you are receiving a message that “your account has locked” it seems your account get hacked because due to hacking you won’t be able to access it.
  • Finally, you are not able to fix the access your account, that’s why you will have to get expert’s help.
  • After unlocking your AT&T account, you must improve the security of webmail.
  • Update the security question & answer to improve the AT&T email security.

When you are still not able to fix the issues which are related to AT&T, just get in touch with customer support team. Contact AT&T customer care number you easily reset att password and sort it out within the short time duration. Whenever you stuck with trouble and want a solution for issues, then reach out to the technical team. So, just after troubleshooting the locked account, increase security and don’t share the password with others. Now, you can enjoy the amazing features of AT&T webmail without hassles.

How to make AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser

How to make AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser

AOL Desktop Gold offers all-round security features to help prevent your AOL account from going into wrong hands. This is just an updated version of traditional AOL Desktop but with some improved and high-end features. This version is made keeping in mind the growing interest and requirements of the users. A smooth transition is ensured while allowing transfer of your usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail along with your favorites and contacts. Once you install the new version, the old ones will be replaced automatically.

It is quite common that when you start using something more you want it at your fingertips and also once you are comfortable you don’t even feel like another program. Same is the case with AOL Desktop Gold users, they prefer making it as their default browser. But confronted with troubles while trying to download AOL Desktop Gold. If you are also facing such issue, then you can try the undermentioned troubleshooting steps.

Solution: Making AOL Desktop Gold as the Default browser

Step 1: To set AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser and/or email client, follow the steps below:

Step 2: Open AOL Desktop Gold

Step 3: Log in using your username and password

Step 4: Click on Settings

Step 5: On the general tab, click on the ‘make default’ buttons to make this software as your default browser.

Step 6: A new window opens up. From the default apps tab, go to the web browser or to the email section and select your program from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Now you can access this software anytime as it has been set as your default browser

Once you will set it as your default browser you can easily make changes afterward too. You can install AOL Desktop Gold for your ease so as to ensure smooth and trouble-free processing of the browser. With the help of this default browser, you can access any website you want, stream videos and use your AOL email too. Also, don’t forget to clear all the cache and cookies before making it as your default browser.

How to recover ATT email id from being hacked

ATT Customer Support Number

In this generation of technology, crimes related to internet security breach has been on the rise. It is quite common for people to complain about their hacked accounts. Hacking means that some unknown person steals your personal information from your online accounts. Same is the case with ATT accounts, users face this issue worldwide where their accounts get hacked and they feel unable to access their emails. It is highly recommended to reach out to ATT email customer care number in case of your account hacking.

It is very important to keep your personal information including user IDs and password safe and undisclosed to even the closer ones. If your account has not been hacked, so it is high time to take adequate steps to safeguard it for future security.

Saving ATT Email IDs from being hacked

  • As soon as you have a doubt that there is some suspicious activity in your account like emails have been deleted, there are emails that you never sent, unknown messages and contacts, then it is an alarm that you must safeguard your account as soon as possible
  • If you are able to access your ATT account, change the password by following few simple steps. Make sure to set a strong and easy to remember a password with a possible combination of numbers, symbols, and
  • Make sure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection to reset or change the password to a new one. Otherwise, you might face further consequences related to your account due to the improper
  • You must see the possible causes of your account being hacked, as there are times when the users feel unable to access their account even thinks that their account has been hacked. So, ensure the root cause first and then apply the adequate solution to it.

To keep yourself safe from the hacking threats you must keep your account safe. If you feel like getting assistance from the professionals, then connect with ATT Email technical support number, which stays available 24 hours, round the clock for providing an instant solution to the users confronting troubles.

How to reset Yahoo email password

Yahoo Customer Support Number

Yahoo email is one of the most successful running email providers all over the world with millions of active email accounts. Just like any other email, Yahoo also requires a user ID and a password to login to use their email service. With the improvement in user interface technology, you can save your login credentials to your favorite browser and can automatically log in without entering details every time. But the real irritation starts occurring when you realize that you have forgotten the Yahoo password. But there is no need to worry as you can fix the issue by connecting with number Yahoo tech support that can be accessed at any time of the day.

There is no need to get tensed since your email consists of very crucial information, but with the help of some troubleshooting steps that are given in this blog, you can reset your Yahoo email password easily. Moreover, you don’t need to use any third party application or software to reset the password.

How to reset Yahoo email password

  1.  Go to official website of Yahoo email from your computer or mobile device with an internet connection using your favorite internet browser.
  2. Underneath the sign in option, you will see a link saying ‘I can’t access my account’. Click on that once and wait until the page is loaded.
  3. Click on ‘I have a problem with my password’ and then ‘next’
  4. Enter your current Yahoo email account for which you wish to reset your password
  5. Now you will have to input a recovery email on which Yahoo will send you an instruction to reset the password.
  6.  Once received the email, click on the link and follow the instructions thereon to reset your password.

Just by simply following the above steps you can reset the password. Don’t forget to set a strong password this time and also remember it properly. In case of help, reach out to Yahoo customer service number, where the expert technicians will resolve the issue in no time.

How to scan from an HP Printer to a Mobile device using HP Smart app

Contact for HP Printer Support

The invention of printers has made the job of printing much easier than ever before. Be it printing text or image all can be done with the help of just a command to a printer. The introduction of HP printers brought a new revolution in printing. With time to time updates and new innovative technology, this company printers changes themselves in all terms. The most recent addition to make the printing simple, HP introduced an app named ‘HP Smart’. If you don’t know how to use it properly then get in touch with HP Printer customer support number, which can be reached at any time of the day.

This smart app allows users to scan with their printer or mobile device camera, customizing the home screen, printing from mobile devices and accessing cloud and social media accounts. But sometimes users face issues in scanning from an HP Printer to a Mobile Device using this app. Troubleshooting steps can be performed to sort the issue out.

How to scan using the HP Smart app

  • You can scan documents or photos from your printer or use your mobile device to scan items.
  • Place your document or photo on the scanner glass according to the guides on the printer
  • Open the HP Smart app, then tap scan, scan to email or scan to the cloud, depending on the type of scan you want to complete
  • Tap the settings icon on the scan screen to select the input source for the scan
  • Tap ‘done’ or save
  • Tap scan to view the scan and adjust the borders, if necessary
  • If you want to scan additional pages tap the additional pages icon
  • When the scan is complete, tap send, save, share or print, depending on the type of scan previously selected

For doing the scanning, you must make sure that you have done the setup of the application properly. Also in case of help, get in contact with HP Printer support number, where you will be guided by the trained technicians to complete the scan process effortlessly.