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Adobe Support

Those people who are creative and always look for innovation, Adobe offer them a great platform to share their creative ideas. The software of Adobe allows its users to create, edit and share creative images. That’s why if you have to create something new or want to edit the image for your website or make your content attractive download Adobe software on your system. For Adobe software download from Adobe licensing website, you can follow the instructions of this blog. Well, if in case you are having an issue call on Adobe Tech Support Number. Through this number you can contact to technical experts, they will assist you to use this software or fix the trouble.

In spite of all, if you want to download the Adobe from the Adobe licensing site, you should perform given steps.

How to download Adobe software from Adobe Licensing website:

  1. First of all, you will have to open the web browser and search the Adobe licensing website.
  2. Then enter the Adobe ID in the required field.
  3. If you don’t remember the password then recover it.
  4. Now enter the password in the required field.
  5. Click to its home page and tap to download it.
  6. After clicking on download, you will have to check appropriate account.
  7. Then click on Product name from the drop-down
  8. Follow on-screen prompt one by one.
  9. At the last, you will get results as download products.
  10. Click on that link but if you have to download more than one product, then you will have to click on the download

If you are done the steps one by one but not able to download it, or you have an error while performing these steps. You should try to contact with technical experts. Via Adobe Support Number you can share your issue with trained experts and tell them for help. The trained experts of customer care are always available on the call and resolve the Adobe issues within the short time span. The experts are 24×7 avail on this toll-free number, so you can ask them for help whenever you need troubleshooting.

How to Install HP Printer on computer

HP is the world famous brand for the printer, laptop, computer and other similar products. More than millions of people purchase HP printer for their personal or professional use. If you have newly purchased HP printer and want to install it on your computer. It may be a tough task for you because of its advanced technology. But you don’t need to take tension, just read this blog carefully and follow the instructions. But if it seems you have doubt. Then to install HP printer you can ring HP printer customer care number. On this toll-free number, you can ask the customer care team for help. With the help of trained customer care executives, you will find a complete solution for your HP printer issues.

Steps to install HP printer:-

When you have to install the HP printer then you can follow these steps one by one.

  1. Click to the start menu and select the settings.
  2. Now click on “Change PC settings from the options.
  3. Click on option “PC and devices” and after that click on “Devices.”
  4. If your HP printer is installed then, it will show under “Printers.”
  5. Now if you found that your HP printer is not listed, click on “Add a device.”
  6. Select your HP printer model.
  7. Click to install it.

After installation of the printer on your computer you should send a test command. If you are able to print documents by using your HP printer then you can continue your work. But if not try again to install it. You can also get experts to help with printer installation.

After all, if you get confused and want assistance from the technical team then you can contact on HP printer tech support number. This is a number where you will find a complete solution for all printer’s hitches. The service of the customer care team is always available for every single user of HP products. When experienced and skilled technicians are ready to resolve your printer hiccups then you should stop worrying.


Recover ATT email password

Recover ATT email password

The webmail ATT has various features those are enough to attract its users. Comparatively, this webmail is considered as top secure among others because it has a two-way verification process. ATT permit users to create secondary email accounts and Reset Lost ATT email password. To create a new password for your ATT email you will have to follow the instructions of this blog. If you know your current password and only want to change the password for security purpose then just go through the steps described below.

Steps to reset ATT password:

Step 1. Sign in your ATT email account on phone or computer.

Step 2. Now go to the settings of email.

Step 3. Tap on the option “Change the password.”

Step 4. When you will click on change password option then a window will open.

Step 5. Now enter the current password in the required field.

Step 6. Create a new strong ATT mail password in the required field.

Step 7. You will have to confirm it by re-entering the new password.

Step 8. Click on the option “Continue.”

Now you should try to access your ATT email via using the new password to make sure it is working.


  1. When you create a new password for ATT mail, make sure you are using special characters.
  2. Avoid creating password same as your phone number or your name.
  3. Keep password recovery options or update the security questions.
  4. You forgot the ATT password then opt for “Password recovery.”

Sometimes users complain that they failed to access their ATT account after resetting the password. This problem may appear with you when you are unable to enter the correct password. Or if you have internet connection issue and so on. Here, you should opt for troubleshooting. In spite of all, this is easy to reset ATT email password when you know the old one. There are also some ATT mail users who forgot the password and then want to recover their password. They can get in touch with experienced technicians and ask for help for the recovery of their password. download


Are you bored of using Chrome, Mozilla and Safari? Do you Want to experience and use new search engine with enhanced security and automatic updates one can always try and AOL Gold Download. Features of AOL Desktop Gold include automatic updates and enhanced security and technology, two screens verification process, customized and new fonts and text option available, importing and exporting your personal data is easy, you can store your contacts and favorite on AOL server, Easy installations steps.

One of the basic thing you require to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold is to have an AOL account. If you don’t have one just quickly make the account by following some simple steps.

System Requirement for Installing AOL Desktop Gold is –

  • Windows 7 /8/8+/ 10.
  • 1GB Ram and Internet Explorer 7+.
  • Internet connection.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

For AOL Advantage Plan Member-:

  1. Sign in to AOL account.
  2. Under All Product section search for AOL Desktop Gold
  3. And just download it.

If you have Trial and subscription for AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Sign in your AOL account then manage subscription.
  2. Click on premium subscription and one can get started to use AOL Desktop Gold.

Steps for Installing AOL Desktop Gold-:

  1. You have to open your download folder.
  2. Then look for AOL desktop .exe file and double click it.
  3. Installation Wizard will open and then you have to follow the simple steps for completing the installation.
  4. If you are not able to locate the installation file in download folder then you can check your AOL mail inbox for the same installation file.

After you have successfully AOL gold download install you are ready to explore the rich features of AOL Desktop Gold and use its uninterrupted services as well. The team of experts known as AOL Customer support are there to help you if you are facing any problem in downloading or installing the AOL Desktop Gold. The support team can be connected at any time of the day, they will provide you with a satisfying solution to the problem.