Acer Aspire Notebook Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Acer Aspire Notebook 

Acer is a leading manufacturer of the electronic products including computers, laptops, and notebook. Its product line comes in affordable ranges but there is never any sort of compromise with the technology or the components. But as the time passes, encounter different hassles with their Acer notebooks and eventually, they need to do some troubleshooting. To do the needful, users should refer to this blog fully. Or else they are suggested to get in touch with Acer customer support number that can be dialed 24 hours of the day.

The troubleshooting of Acer notebook involves three main concerns which are enlisted as below. The users must do the given solutions so as to make the notebook work efficiently.

  1. Hard disk failure: While there can be multiple factors responsible for the hard disk failure but the error messages come up with the indication of failure that needs to be rectified soon. Restart the Acer notebook, and continually press F2 at the time of startup. Go to the diagnostic menu and run a test on the hard drive. If there are physical errors then replace the HD.
  2. Date and time errors –Just you entered the diagnostic tab while doing the hard disk test, in the same way, select date, and time settings. Keep a strict eye on the date and time and ensure that they are correct. If there are changes then CMOS might be failing. The battery needs an urgent replacement.
  3. Display troubles – If you come across a blank display or blurred interface then there are surely some display related hassles. You can try to adjust the brightness level and if they don’t work then ensure that the power indicators are lit. Also, check the status of the AC power on the notebook. Try to connect the device to the power source and see if the problem is resolved.

If the troubleshooting is done in the right area then the users are advised to wait for a while or else if they are stuck at some point and getting confused then without any hesitation, they should reach out to Acer customer support number to talk to the experienced technicians and avail their assistance.