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How to Fix Acer Laptop Display Problems?     

The users of Acer laptop usually face a variety of problems due to technical issues. If you are using Acer Laptop and the screen of laptop become fade. Sometimes users feel difficult to see on screen due to dim light. These screen problem of Acer can be solved by adjusting the brightness level. The incorrect color setting of the laptop also cause problems, so to adjust the color of Acer laptop users need to change the setting. If you want to change the brightness level and color effect of the device then go to setting and adjust it. Display freezing and appearing jumpy are the complicated issues which need experts help to solve. If your Acer laptop display is freezing you can try Acer technical support usa phone number. Through this number, you can ask experts to help you. Well, if you will update the display driver you may solve the display issues. There are some steps are given which will help you to solve displays errors

  1. Press the key “Fn”.
  2. Click to the right-arrow key present on the display screen for brightness setting. By this arrow brightness will increase. If you have to darken the display then click on left-arrow.
  3. Now to save the display setting release the “Fn” key.
  4. On the laptop, the display does right-click and tap to “Graphic Properties.”
  5. If you have to set the resolution display the tap to “Display settings” & select the resolution from the drop-down menu. Tap to “Apply” and save it.
  6. For color, adjustment clicks to “Color Correction” & move the brightness/ contrast slider right to left. Set according to your choice and click to “Apply” Check it and tap to “Save.”
  7. Click to “OK” & exit from Graphic Properties application.
  8. Right-click on the desktop screen and click to “Personalize,” Open the “Display Setting” & “Advanced Setting.”
  9. To “Update the Driver” and choose the option “Search automatically.”
  10. You will get an option on the monitor display, “Update the monitor driver” Click and install it. After monitor driver installation taps OK and restarts the laptop.

Troubleshoot the laptop screen problem is easy but sometimes serious issues required technical help. If you want to get the help of customer care to fix the display error. Try Acer customer support number and concern to customer care team. The team of customer care is dedicated to troubleshooting the customer’s issues. Therefore whenever you will ask for help they will provide you solution.

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