aol favorites disappeared

AOL Gold is a very famous desktop application which is launched by AOL Inc. With the help of this software, AOL clients can access their emails and surf the internet on the single place by using a single platform. AOL Gold is known for having automatic updates feature with advanced technology and customized text and fonts.  Despite having so many characteristic features it too had some flaws like favorite and gold icon is missing etc. which can give you hard time when not resolved on-time. These faults can occur because of our careless usage and handling of this desktop application. Always remember to AOL Gold download from the official website and make sure to download the latest available version only.

The built-in Web browser of AOL Gold allows users to save their important web pages and they have the authority to transfer it to some safe place also. If your AOL Gold favorites are missing then you can retrieve it by following the steps mentioned below:

How to retrieve missing AOL Gold Favorites

  • Just logging top your AOL Gold account by using your existing email address and password which will automatically restore all your favorites and bookmarks.
  • You can also automatically transfer the favorites of your AOL Gold desktop. Just save the ‘Favorites folder’ in the secure location or a USB drive.
  • Then login to your AOL account
  • Click on favorites> Manage  Favorites
  • Then just drag and drop the saved Favorites from the USB drive
  • Click on Import all to upload the Favorite and then click Continue to save the changes.
  • If there are fewer webpages in your favorite then you can manually transfer them by copying single webpage URL and then pasting it under the Favorite option of your AOL Gold desktop.

This issue with the missing favorite can arise mainly when you Download AOL Gold Desktop Software on your new computer. So users must prepare themselves from the beginning itself and should also take proper measures so that they didn’t face this error. If this error is ever confronted by you then they should get in touch with the tech support engineers who are online 24×7 to assist you in resolving the error.