Adobe creative cloud desktop app does not open

Adobe Creative Cloud has drastically changed the method of installing and updating Adobe Software like Photoshop, Flash Player, and PDF Reader etc. Now there is no need to use and safely store installation CD or DVD of Adobe software when you can just install the single App to manage the software of Adobe.  Just use the Creative Cloud application to download, install and update the latest version of all Adobe software. If you have any doubt regarding this application then you can try reaching to Adobe customer support number available 24×7 to resolve and clarify your concern.

While using this amazing software user sometimes encounter some issues which can create trouble for you. One such issue is Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App does not open. There can be reasons for the occurrence of this error but resolving this issue is challenging. So Adobe customer must follow the troubleshooting steps given below:

  • Restart the computer after closing the App and then opening it again
  • Try upgrading the Creative Cloud App to the latest available version
  • If the issue still persists then uninstall the App first and again re-install it from the official Make sure you complete the installation process and check the architecture of the software which you want to download
  • Make sure you have deleted the content of OOBE folder from Creative Cloud setup folder and then launch the app again to check if the problem is solved or not
  • Scan the system for malicious viruses and malware and make sure that there is no interference from other applications or software while using Creative Cloud App
  • Also, verify that the OS is updated and the device driver is upgraded with a new version

While executing these solution steps if you run into any trouble then dial Adobe technical support number that stays online during the day as well as at night also round the clock. The team of technical experts who are well versed with the knowledge of Adobe products will understand your concern and will accordingly deliver the fixture to eradicate the error. The professionals will provide the complete and long-lasting solution and will make sure that you don’t receive the similar error in near future.


How to setup & configure Airprint on HP Printer

It is quite normal with the users of HP Printer to encounter glitches and setup and configuration of Airprint is one of them. Airprint is an application which is used in Mac devices so that the users can connect their IOS devices to the HP devices wirelessly. In order to print anything, it is very necessary to setup & configures the Airprint with your copier. But there are times when it does not comply with the HP Gadgets, in such case you need to get in touch with HP Printer Customer Care Number, where the technical assistance will help you find a perfect solution for the issue.

You must make sure to install the AirPrint in an appropriate manner otherwise it might cause some troubles later at the time of printing and connect with the devices. With the help of given troubleshooting steps, you can get the issue rectified without any hassle.

Setting up & configuring Airprint on HP Printer

  • At first, you need to ensure that you have the updated HP printer because the old versions are not compatible with the AirPrint
  • Connect your printer with a stable as well as high-speed Wi-Fi network and then connect your Apple device on the same network
  • Go to the official website of HP and download the latest Printer firmware for your Mac
  • Select the firmware option and start the update. Once the firmware gets downloaded, turn the printing machine off and then turn it on again.
  • Go to the networking section in your Apple device and select ‘wireless direct setup’ and then change the name of the Airprint
  • Enter the name in the ‘Name (SSID) Section and then type a name for your printer which is to be used with the printing application and then tap on apply
  • Then, configure the printing application with your printing machine

In case you need any kind of assistance at the time of set up and configuring Airprint then you can reach out to HP printer support for further guidance from the professional technicians who will guide you in resolving the issue in best possible manner, taking your least minimum time.

Unable to send or receive email on ATT

Sometimes due to some issues the consumers of ATT failed to send or even receive their emails. As you know emails are the best way of communication but what if you failed to use it? Here all you need is that you get the help of customer support. You can ring the ATT customer care number and ask the technical team for troubleshooting. However, there are some issues which are the reason for email sending error. Which you need to identify and resolve for troubleshooting the mail sending or receiving an error.

Way to fix mail sending or receiving the error:

  • If you have signed out your email then click to sign out.
  • Again sign in your account and try to send mail, if failed go to next step and follow that.
  • Ensure that your email doesn’t stick in the spam If you found it in spam folder then click on it and move to inbox.
  • Clear the browser history, cookies & caches which can act as a hindrance.
  • Check your email settings, if you have blocked the mail address which sending you mail, then unblock it.
  • Check if you have used filters for security and it resist to send/receive mail.
  • You should ensure that you have entered correct email address because wrong mail ID can cause this problem.
  • If your device has any antivirus then you should enable the firewall of the antivirus. Now send a test mail and check if you have fixed the problem.
  • At last, you can try to sign in ATT mail via a different This problem may appear due to the browser’s settings.

If after following all the prompts you are still not able to send mail or even receive. Just keep in touch with trained and skilled technicians via ATT Email Login support number. You can dial this number anytime you need without delay. The technical team of tech support will resolve all issues which are faced by the ATT users. 24/7 you can contact to technical experts for fiddle the mail sending or receive an error.

Configure browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in to open online PDF files

Configure Browser to Use the Adobe PDF Plug-in to Open Online PDF Files

The PDF or Portable Document format is the format of the file which is used to present documents in a manner that it is platform independent and compatible with all devices. In order to view, create, append, print file Adobe System launched Adobe Acrobat PDF application software and web services for PDF documents. If you ever confront issue while using PDF file then just dial Adobe customer service number available at all times in 24 hours to help their esteemed customer.

In order to view PDF file in the system, you need Adobe Acrobat PDF software likewise to open online PDF file in the browser user need Adobe PDF plug-in that can help them to view these documents. To configure Adobe PDF plug-in the browser you need to follow some quick steps. All the browser have different ways to enable the Adobe PDF plugin.

Configure browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in

Internet Explorer

  • Open the IE browser, click on the Tools option
  • Then tap on Manage Add-ons > Toolbars and extension
  • Then click on show menu to view all Add-ons
  • Locate the Adobe PDF Reader and enable it

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Options menu after opening Firefox
  • Go to Applications
  • Scroll to PDF present in content type area and select Use Adobe Acrobat option

Safari Browser

  • Open the browser and choose Preferences
  • Select Setting and choose Website setting under Internet plug-ins from the drop-down menu
  • Select and allow Adobe plugin to view online PDF documents

By following these steps you will be able to view all the online PDF document without any difficulty. But still, if the problem persists in opening any online file then you need to connect with customer care team through Adobe technical support number accessible throughout the day in a year. The technical experts possess the techniques which are needed to resolve any Adobe error. They are known for providing 100 percent customer satisfaction by resolving the issue completely by giving exact and effective solution steps

How to enable & disable browser password manager in AOL Gold

In times of online security threats, who does not want to safeguard themselves? The best way of not letting the threats affect you is by managing your passwords. However it is not so easy to organize your passwords on all the browsers you use, but it is just a minute’s task to do so on AOL Gold. This incredible browser allows you to access a variety of things like email, web, music, videos and much more at just one place. The password manager option in AOL Gold in is a secure way to manage your online password. For doing so you must AOL Gold Download properly with the help of instructions on the main page of AOL.

This browser comes with a variety of features like automatic updates, advanced technology, customized fonts and text options, two screen verification, import wizard and many more.

Enable browser password manager

  • Click on the keyword menu at the top of your AOL Gold window. Click go to the keyword.
  • Type Browser settings and tap the enter key
  • Visible at the left side of the window, click the browser tab
  • Click on Passwords tab
  • Check the box next to ‘offer to save passwords I enter on the web’
  • Once done go back to the main page

Disable browser password manager

Follow the same steps that are given above to disable the browser password manager. You just have to de-select the box next to ‘Offer to save passwords to entering on the web’ and then exit out of the settings window.

It is to be noted here that in times of need, you can also search your saved password by going to passwords tab and selecting to ‘search passwords’ field and then clicking on ‘show’ to display the saved password.

This is the browser which saves your time and efforts from entering the passwords again and again on the websites you visit. In case if the above steps do not work as expected then there might be some issue with your browser. It’s best to upgrade AOL Gold to the newest version available on the web so as to eliminate further issues.


How to fix HP Printer error code 0xc19a0035

HP Printer is the outstanding printer available among all the others brands of printer. The reasons which are responsible for the immense popularity is its enhanced and latest properties, services and features. This printer has found its location in home, offices, hospitals, colleges and many more sectors for personal as well as professional use. While using this high-tech printer users sometime confront faults which can affect the quality of this printer. To get flaws completely removed you must interact with professionals via HP Printer customer support number accessible throughout the day round the year.

HP Printer error 0xc19a0035 is one very common issue that can arise in independent head cartridge. The printer with head cartridge is new in the market .It include a head which unites 4 ink cartridge. But users are facing issue while

How to solve Printer error 0xc19a0035

In order to execute the troubleshooting steps to rectify the HP printer error 0xc19a0035 users need to turn off their printer and unplug all the connected cables and then begin the quick fix:

  • Open the front of your printer
  • And then open the part that will give access of the printer’s cartridge
  • Try removing the ink cartridges head
  • Clean the connector on the lower part of ink cartridge with a napkin or decent cloth using isopropyl alcohol
  • Double check to clean the cartridge carefully and then place it properly in its respective position

After the completion of this cleaning process you need to reset the printer by following the correct sequence given in this blog:

  • Make sure power cord is unplugged
  • After 30 second press the button of # and 3 given in the front of your printer
  • While pressing these button try to connect the power cables again
  • At the time of turning on the printer release these buttons
  • Now your printer is ready to use again

Even if after applying these fixture your printer is still not able to print properly then you must call HP Printer technical support number where you will get answer of your every question. The technical team will eradicate all the hindrances and issues confronted by you in minimum possible time. The support team are available all time for their valued customers as and when error occurs.

How to fix common issues with ATT Email

A large number of the population worldwide prefer ATT email for personal as well as business communication. Due to its outstanding features, it is the first choice of every user. But it would be wrong to ignore the glitches that are involved with this email. Users confront many troubles in terms of hacking, error messages, lags, accessing their accounts and many others. Moreover, they stay unaware of the fact that they can ask ATT Email Customer support to rectify their issues.

In this blog, some common issues and their solutions are enlisted that the users of ATT email frequently confront. It is necessary to analyze the root cause first and then derive an adequate solution otherwise, the issue might become worse.

  • ATT Login problems: there can be various reasons behind the user unable to login into ATT Email account, it is suggested to enter the appropriate email address and password at the time of login.
  • ATT Password related issues: users occasionally come across many password related issues like they forgot their password, they want to change or reset it, difficulty in recovering the password and others. So, being an active user you must always keep your password safe and secured.
  • ATT Internet connection issues: mostly due to a slow or unstable internet connection, users face inconvenience in accessing their emails. This issue can be rectified by changing your internet service provider or doing the relevant settings to increase the speed. Also checking the Wi-Fi connectivity status can help in fixing the issue.
  • ATT Hacked email: due to careless attitude and no precautions, people fall into the traps of hackers resulting in a compromised account. If you feel any unusual activity or suspect your account has been hacked, immediately try changing your password so as to lower the risk.
  • ATT problem in sending or receiving email: in order to know the exact cause of your inability to send or receive emails, you must check the internet, outbox, and

You can anytime avail the help of expert technicians by reaching out to ATT Email tech support number which stays accessible 24 hours of the day. The team of support executives will guide you in resolving any ATT email issue.

How to transfer email address book to ATT. Yahoo account

People all around the world face one very common problem while switching from one webmail service to another email service that is of exporting and importing your address book. If they try to copy one email address from one email service to another it will be very lengthy and time taking procedure. In order to save their time and hard work, they can receive help from customer care through ATT Yahoo Customer Support Number which is reachable at all hours of the day without any fail.

Steps to be followed while transferring email address book to ATT. yahoo account

  • Sign into your Yahoo account from the official login page
  • In the upper right corner, you can see Option you need to click it and then select Import Contact
  • Then you need to re-enter the password in the window that opens This will verify that it’s you who has the authority to make changes in this account
  • Agree to the permission which appears next in the prompt window
  • After reading the ‘Terms of Condition’ you must tick mark the checkbox to accept it
  • From the drop-down menu select the webmail domain from where you want to transfer the address book
  • And enter your email address and account password associated with the selected account
  • Till the time your information is getting verified, you can sit back and wait for it to complete
  • Now mark the checkbox against the option which you want to transfer like address book, emails, and contacts
  • Now tap on ‘click’ to begin the job of transferring
  • Once it is done you will see the finished page with a confirmation

After performing the steps of transferring email address from one webmail service to another you still cannot find your address book then it’s high time to reach out to ATT Yahoo technical support number available all day long in a year. The team of experts are reachable 24×7 to resolve any concerns and query while facilitating effective communication and promising service. The technicians will offer a prompt and complete resolution of the problem confronted through latest tools and techniques.

How to fix Adobe ID and Password

Adobe is a prominent name in the market of software manufacturers. With its various products like Flash Player, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and many other Adobe have captured the major preference area of the users in comparison to the similar producers. Since this brand is popular, it has created a benchmark in various areas and used across the world by designers, web developers, and other professionals. Despite many advantages and benefits, the users often forget their Adobe ID and passwords resulting in unawareness about how to retrieve or reset them. If you are encountering a similar situation then you are reading the right blog. You can also reach out to Adobe technical support number for further help regarding the issue.

There are other issues as well which irritate the users like installing and downloading Adobe, resetting passwords, updating the software, cloud activation errors and some other.

Fixing Adobe ID and Password

Both ID and password are required to access any of the Adobe software. To fix Adobe ID and password you need to follow the mentioned points. These troubleshooting steps will fix the issue one for all.

Adobe ID (to change)

  • If you are having troubles with your Adobe ID and want to change it then you need to do as per given points.
  • Sign into your Adobe account
  • Click accounts tab in the navigation bar
  • In the ID section, enter a new email address that you want to associate and click save. You will get a verification email too.

Password (change or reset)

  • You can easily change the password if you are having security concerns or simply reset it.
  • Go to ‘forgot password’ window > enter an email address and click next
  • Choose how you want to receive the code
  • After receiving, set the password to a strong one.
  • To change the existing one, sign in to your Adobe account > click ‘manage accounts’
  • Select ‘Security & Privacy > click ‘change’

It is quite easy to follow the above-given steps, but in case if the problem persists try taking help from Adobe customer support number where the skilled technicians will guide you with the best and effective solution.

How to install HP Printer driver on Mac

HP Printer Customer Care Number

HP printer is the renowned name in itself with the best quality print feature. And connecting them with Mac will increase its performance by three folds. Users will be able to enjoy the top quality print if they have successfully installed the printer driver in the Mac devices. If you have any doubt regarding how to do it then you must get in touch with HP Printer customer support number which is accessible at 24 hours in the day round the clock.

Steps to install HP Printer driver on Mac

Apple Software update will automatically download and install HP driver once it has detected the printer connected with it. You can download it manually also by going to the official website and save the downloaded file in the folder of your choice. Just follow these steps in order to install the driver:

  1. Go to System preference of your Mac device
  2. Click on Print & Fax/Print & Scan/Printer & Scanner different name of same option .These names vary according to the operating system
  3. Locate your printer in the Printer List. And do the needful accordingly
  • Your Printer is listed– You must remove the printer name and then re-add it to make sure that you are using correct driver. For removing it you have to tap on the ‘minus’ sign to delete the name of your printer and then by clicking on ‘add’ sign, you can append your printer.
  • Your Printer is not listed-Under ‘Add Printer and Scanner’ click the plus sign to add the name of your printer. You just need to follow quick steps in order to complete the installation of the printer in Mac.
  • You printer name is not listed in Add Printer and Scanner section-Then you need to make sure all the cables are properly connected and have an active power supply and internet connection. After that reboot the system and try installing the driver.

If at any stage you find difficulty while implementing the points as given then just reach out to HP Printer technical support number where you will receive a correct answer of every query or question. The team of experts are reachable at all hours to fix the issue confronted by their valued customer.