How to Fix Epson Printer Spooler Print Error 0x800706b9?

Epson Printer Customer Support

Epson Printers can be counted as one the most efficient printers I the world and it is maintaining the quality of a long. It is basically based on highly sophisticated technology and a leading Brand in the print industry. It has several unique features which can be useful for you, but despite that, you may face some technical errors in it such printer spooler error 0x800706b9 which need to be resolved. Printer spooler is an inbuilt software program which is main work is to keep the documents in order which are in the queue for the print. If it will not work in a proper way then there will not be any queue for print. The printer will send all the print order at a single time and that will cause a big error. So in order to resolve the spooler error, you can follow the steps which are provided over here and in case you face some error while following the steps then there is another option for you in the form of Epson Printer Technical Support Number where you will get the help from certified technicians.

Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Spooler Print Error 0x800706b9:

Solution to resolve by fixing computer registry

Step 1: To start the process you need to press the Windows Logo key + R.

Step 2: after that, you are required to type regedit when a Run dialog opens, and then you have to press Enter.

Step 3: it might be possible that you can be prompted by a User Access Control message, then you need to click on Yes and even for password also then you need to provide your password too.

Step 4: in this step, you have to navigate in the left pane of registry editor to HKEY _LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servcies\spooler.

Step 5: After the previous step you have to click on the Spooler key to display its contents towards the right pane.

Step 6: Now in this step first you have to locate the value which is named like DependOnService and then you have to double-click on it for the modifications.

Step 7: You can find it that the Value data field is containing the term RPCSS, followed by HTTP in the next line, what you have to do is just remove the HTTP part and the other part will remain as it is as the value’s data.

Step 8: We are towards final step where you have to save the changes by clicking on OK button.

Step 9: Finally you have to just close the Registry Editor and have to restart your computer, and you can find it that there is no error now.

As it is observed by above solution with steps that it is not that hard to resolve the issue and you have to just follow the steps one by one and in a strict manner. In any case, if you face some error while following the steps then there is another option for you in the form of Epson Printer Customer Support Number where certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issues within no time.

Brighthouse Customer Support USA Number

Brighthouse Customer Support

How do I set up my iPhone to receive Brighthouse email from my email account?

We are in the technology age where everything is dependent on the highly sophisticated and advanced gadgets and services and Email is one of them. Emails are the vital part of every organization and business or even for an individual person. You can find our several email service providers, but Brighthouse is can separated from others due to its features and functions which it has. It can serve in many ways as sending and receiving emails as well as managing the routine calendar. Despite several emails features it is not exceptional for errors such as unable to setup iPhone to receive Brighthouse email, which you might face while using it and for that you some assistance to resolve it. To resolve this issue you have to follow the instructions which are given below and even then you failed to do so then another option is there in the form of Brighthouse Technical Support number where your issues will be resolved by the certified technicians.

The email setup for iPhones and iPads is designed to configure your devices using IMAP.

It is recommended for you to using IMAP settings on all devices to prevent errors.

Steps to configure your iPhone for your email account using IMAP:

  1. To start the process you have to select Settings from the home screen on your iPhone.
  2. After that, you need to select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Now you are required to chooseAdd Account option which is located in the Accounts section at the top of the screen.
  4. Here you can find other option which is on the screen listing popular email hosts so select it.
  5. Here you have to select Add Mail Account which can be found By
  6. Now a screen will pop up over here and will ask to enter the following information which is important settings:
    • Name— what name you want which is associated with your account.
    • Address— You have to enter your email address.
    • Password— here you have to enter the password which is associated with the Brighthouse email account.
    • Description— This field will show your email address automatically and if you want you can change this.
  7. Now you need to just select Next button.
  8. Finally, your iPhone will display the status messages during the verification process:
    • “Looking up account information”
    • “Verifying account information.”
    • After the completion of the verification process, the Email, Contacts, and Calendarsscreen will be displayed with your email address which is listed under Accounts.

It is quite easy to resolve the issue if you will follow the steps as they are provided above in the instruction. One thing you have to keep in mind that you are required to follow the steps in a proper manner otherwise you will not be able to resolve the issues and will face some other error. If it happens then no need to worry as there is another option for you in the form of Brighthouse Customer Care Number where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue.

Pacbell Tech Support USA Phone Number

Pacbell Tech Support Phone Number

How to create a new PacBell email account?

The email PacBell is an abbreviation of Pacific Bell known for its reliable services. This is offered by an American telecom company and its headquarter is located in California. This email has the fastest speed for message transfer. Powerful searching option and wonderful security make this mail popular among users. If you have to create PacBell email address but don’t know the process. You can follow the steps given below. It may be you feel you need assistance try PacBell technical support number. Through a toll-free number of technical experts, users can create their new email account.

Steps to create a new PacBell email account:

  1. Open the browser on your device.
  2. Type in the search box and click to open.
  3. On the home page of AT&T tab the emails.
  4. Open the email tab and choose the option “Create an account.”
  5. A new window will open in front of you. Enter the required detail in the boxes.
  6. Enter your name, date of birth, contact number, age and alternative email.
  7. After this step, you will complete the registration for PacBell email account.
  8. Fill the other details required and finish the procedure by click on continue button.
  9. Don’t forget to select the security question which will protect you from hackers. It will also help you to whenever you will try to recover the password.
  10. Now click done and finish it by click on submit button.

You have created the new account on PacBell email. Steps are very simple to follow & create a new account. It may possible that you stuck with a problem due to some hassles or you forgot the password. If this condition happens with you can concern experts for troubleshooting the email problem. The PacBell Tech support number is always available for users. Experts in customer care will resolve your issues as soon as possible. 24 X 7 experts are available on the call and answer to users.

Adobe Customer Care USA Number Toll Free Number

   Adobe Customer Care

Photoshop doesn’t recognize video card (NOT XP-64)  

You must know before getting to the solution as what exactly you are facing in Adobe Photoshop. To confirm, if you need to know that whether your Video driver is on the list or not. Such kind of error occurs when you could not find your Video driver in the list and Photoshop is detecting only the inbuilt HD Videos card which can be seen in the image below. By following the steps which are given in the below instructions the issues of Video card can be resolved very easily or there is another option for you as Adobe Photoshop Tech Support Number where certified experts will help you in every issue which you face.

adobe photoshop customer careTo resolve the issue, you need to follow the process as it is given over here and you need to follow in a strict manner

In the beginning, you have to try out is to update your Photoshop and Video Driver and it is the basic step.

In case you are using Photoshop CC then you have to ensure that it should be updated with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud

adobe Photoshop tech support

If you have older version is installed on your PC then you have to go to Help>Update to check it that whether the latest version is installed or not.

You have to repeat the steps for the Video drivers too.

Now you are required to check your Video driver settings which can find out in your Videos driver’s control panel.

  1. After opening control, the panel you have to choose High-performance NVIDIA processor
  2. Just click on Apply button

After that just wait for 2-3 seconds, and see the effect!

After performing the steps you have to go back to Photoshop. Before doing that You must restart Photoshop first.

adobe Photoshop customer care number

Now you can see the Video card is activated

It can be seen from the above explanation that the issue of Adobe Photoshop can be rectified by following the steps in a proper manner. In case you face some error while following the instructions then there is another option for you in the form of Adobe Photoshop Technical Support Phone Number where your every issue will be handled carefully with the help of qualified technicians. You can avail the service of technical support team 24×7 online without any hassle.

Acer technical support number

Acer Technical Support

How to Fix Acer Laptop Display Problems?     

The users of Acer laptop usually face a variety of problems due to technical issues. If you are using Acer Laptop and the screen of laptop become fade. Sometimes users feel difficult to see on screen due to dim light. These screen problem of Acer can be solved by adjusting the brightness level. The incorrect color setting of the laptop also cause problems, so to adjust the color of Acer laptop users need to change the setting. If you want to change the brightness level and color effect of the device then go to setting and adjust it. Display freezing and appearing jumpy are the complicated issues which need experts help to solve. If your Acer laptop display is freezing you can try Acer technical support usa phone number. Through this number, you can ask experts to help you. Well, if you will update the display driver you may solve the display issues. There are some steps are given which will help you to solve displays errors

  1. Press the key “Fn”.
  2. Click to the right-arrow key present on the display screen for brightness setting. By this arrow brightness will increase. If you have to darken the display then click on left-arrow.
  3. Now to save the display setting release the “Fn” key.
  4. On the laptop, the display does right-click and tap to “Graphic Properties.”
  5. If you have to set the resolution display the tap to “Display settings” & select the resolution from the drop-down menu. Tap to “Apply” and save it.
  6. For color, adjustment clicks to “Color Correction” & move the brightness/ contrast slider right to left. Set according to your choice and click to “Apply” Check it and tap to “Save.”
  7. Click to “OK” & exit from Graphic Properties application.
  8. Right-click on the desktop screen and click to “Personalize,” Open the “Display Setting” & “Advanced Setting.”
  9. To “Update the Driver” and choose the option “Search automatically.”
  10. You will get an option on the monitor display, “Update the monitor driver” Click and install it. After monitor driver installation taps OK and restarts the laptop.

Troubleshoot the laptop screen problem is easy but sometimes serious issues required technical help. If you want to get the help of customer care to fix the display error. Try Acer customer support number and concern to customer care team. The team of customer care is dedicated to troubleshooting the customer’s issues. Therefore whenever you will ask for help they will provide you solution.

How to Archive Yahoo! Webmail?

Various features of Yahoo email has been utilized by many users. Since 1997 this email service permits its users to manage their email work easily. Yahoo is webmail which allows users to access their account from anywhere they want. If you are using its POP email service, easily you can download all mail messages. If you want to archive Yahoo email to download, follow the steps given here. The mail setting of Yahoo allows users to download only POP mail from the archive. If you are confused and need help ask experts to help you. Use Yahoo tech support number and ask professionals to help you. They will help you to archive Yahoo email whenever they want.

Step 1.     

First of all, you need to log in your Yahoo account. Go to and move your email message to archive into the inbox.

Step 2.

Now you need to start the preferred desktop email, which will support the POP email protocol.

Step 3.

Go to the email setting and enter the important setting which you need for an email client. Every client of email has different setup via the POP server. So, visit at “” and change the setting. Here your username works as Yahoo ID without entering “” You don’t require to setup SMTP setting if you only have to archive Yahoo email.

Step 4.

Now tap to the email client’s send & receive button which helps you to download all email from the server. Tap to the “file” and then “export.” The option Export will archive your messages. It will depend on the email client which option you have to choose from MBox or PST file. Both files have the majority of email clients.

If you failed to follow the instruction or unable to download it. There is an option which will help you. Try Yahoo Customer support number which is always here to resolve. This service is 24 X 7 open to resolving the Yahoo email problem. Trained experts of Yahoo will provide all solution of email whenever they want.

Acer Customer Service

You might get confused if you have to choose the products like. Computer or laptop as there are several brands who are selling their products on the market and claims it the best one available. It is a question to analyze it that you have to select the product according to the merit then one and only product will come out as the leader and that is Acer which has a huge clientele in across the world as most the users opt quality and standard as their preference and Acer is their first choice among all available brands due to its sophisticated technology and the standards which it is maintaining from past many years and evolved in many ways. If ever you confront with any kind of technical error then you have an option in the form of Acer Customer Service Number where you can get the support from the well-qualified experts who will assist you in resolving every kind of technical issues within a short period of time.

If you will compare its features with any other available brand’s products in the same category then you can easily understand and can observe that Acer is worth to invest due to its durability and trustworthy products. Its computer and laptops are widely used in the world without any complaints as it maintains the standards of international quality and has the certificate of ISO which means there is no harm in purchasing its product in any means. While working on Acer products you might confront with some errors such as setup installation error, blue screen problem and so on. All such kind of errors are not because of Acer product’s quality as these errors are due to many reasons which can be discussed later, but there is a solution for each and every issue which you face while working on Acer products.

So to resolve every kind of technical problem which you ever confront in Acer, there is a very easy way in the form of Acer Customer Support Toll Free Number where you will be assisted by well-qualified and skilled technicians who will provide you a perfect solution within a short period of time without any hassle. You can avail support services 24×7 online and if required your issues will be sorted out with the help of remote assistance.

How to troubleshoot Acrobat Reader installation in Windows?

Adobe Technical Support Numberadobe-customer-support

It’s very common to face an error while downloading or installing Acrobat reader. Such kind of issues can be resolved in an easy way as you are required to follow the instructions which are provided over here with all the steps in it. By following the steps carefully, you can resolve the issues in a proper manner. In case you face some error while following the steps then there is one more option for you to resolve the issues in the form of Adobe Customer Care Phone Number where qualified experts will assist you in resolving the issues without any hassle.

There are few things which need to take care of such as-

  1. You have to Make it sure that your Internet connection is stable and working properly :If the Internet connection is not working in a proper manner then it might be a possibility that your downloading process may interrupt from the website. If is it so then you can try the different websites. If the problem persists then you have to ask the network administrator to resolve the issue. After establishing a proper Internet connection, you can try again downloading the file from the original website.
  2.    You can start the download when there is less activity on the Internet: Sometimes too much activity on the Internet can cause the problem as the speed of Internet is too slow to download the required files. In order to download in a proper manner, you need to wait for the hi-speed Internet connection or you have to wait for the less activity on the Internet.
  3.  You have the option to download Acrobat Reader from a different link: You can try downloading the Acrobat Reader installer directly.
  4.    You need to update the video card driver for a proper download: It’s quite a common thing that the video card manufacturers are used to update their drivers very frequently and in order to match with the updates you are required to get the updated versions of those drivers which will help you in proper downloading of the Adobe software.
  5. Install Acrobat Reader to individual workstations: You have the option to install Acrobat reader on the network drive and later on, you can share it on multiple workstations in place of installing each and every system

As it can be observed easily that there are plenty of ways to download the Acrobat Reader and you have to just follow the methods as they are given in the process. By following the process you will be able to handle the problem of downloading the software in different ways. In case you have some issues while following the process then there is another option to rectify the issue through Adobe tech support number where certified experts will assist you in resolving the issues in an easy way and without any hassle.


How to Fix Acer Laptop Display Problems?

Everyone can’t be a technician and to handle the technical issues everyone needs the support of qualified experts in the Acer Laptop. Acer is brand with multiple products and among them, its laptops are a more popular product. It is quite possible that you may confront some technical issue while dealing with Acer laptop and to resolve them you need a helping hand who can rectify every technical problem in Acer laptop. There is a way by which you can resolve the issue by following the process of problem ‘display error in Acer Laptop’. You are required to just follow the steps which are given over here and in case you failed to do so then there is another option for you in the form of Acer Customer service number where you will get the help from skilled technicians who can resolve every issue you face in Acer Laptop.

To resolve the issue of display error in Acer Laptop you need to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one-

Step-1: In the beginning, you are required to just hold down the “Fn” key.

Step-2: After that, you have to just tap the right-arrow key to brighten the display screen.

Step-3: In this step, you need to tap the left-arrow key to darken the display screen.

Step-4: Now you can release the “Fn” key to save your display settings.

Step-5: After that, you have to right-click on the desktop and then you need to click on the “Graphic Properties.”

Step-6; Here you are required to adjust the screen resolution by clicking “Display Settings” and just after that by choosing a resolution setting from the drop-down menu. Now here you have to click on “Apply” to check the resolution of the display and just after that you have to click on “OK” in order to save the resolution settings.

Step-7: Now in this step, you can adjust the color of the screen by simply clicking on the “Color Correction” and by moving the brightness or contrast slider to the right or left. After that, you are required to click on “Apply” to check the color resolution of the display is set or not. To finish the step you have to just click on “OK” to save the color settings.

Step-8: Now in this step, you have to just click on “OK” to exit the Graphic Properties application.

Step-9: Now we are towards the final step and here you have to right-click on the desktop and then click on “Personalize,” then “Display Settings” and then “Advanced Settings.”

Step-10: After the previous step you have to click the “Intel® Graphics” tab and then choose “Monitor Properties” and after that click “Driver.”

Step-11: Here you will be required to click on “Update Driver” and then just choose “Search Automatically.”

Step-12: In the final step, you need to click on the “Install” option in order to install the updated monitor driver and just after that, you have to click on “OK” to restart the laptop when prompted.

That’s it the complete process where you can change the display setting by simply following the instructions as given above in the process. After following the process, you will be able to change the display setting according to your requirements. It might be possible that you may face some error while following the process, in that case, you can ask for support from Acer Technical Support Number where qualified experts will assist you in resolving the issues.


How can I Remove Advertising From Yahoo Email?

While working in an office or even at home getting advertisements on email are a most irritating moment. It happens with all email users but especially with Yahoo. The users of Yahoo email get more adverts because Yahoo makes money from adverts. That’s why Yahoo doesn’t charge for its mail service. Adverts on email can be distracting so if you want to fix it you can. There are some steps which will help you to avoid ads. You can try to hide, remove or block the ads but still not found solution ask experts. Use Yahoo customer support number where you will get a solution for every problem. Through the help of customer care, users can shoot all email problem of Yahoo.

  1. Hide the ads in Yahoo mail:  The easy and simple way to avoid ads from email is to hide them. Open your Yahoo email account and search the arrow pointing which located between mail & advert. Click on it and hide the ads on Yahoo email.
  2. Subscribe to Yahoo Ad Free Mail: The next option to avoid ads Yahoo email is to subscribe ad-free email. If you are willing to pay for Yahoo email service then this would be the best option for you. By the help of this subscription, you will be able to remove ads completely.

For the subscription go to the setting of email and choose “Ad-free mail.” Follow the instruction for payment process. Via this subscription user not only able to access email without ads but also your account won’t inactive. If you face problem to subscribe this email concern to tech support team.

With the help of customer support experts, all issues of Yahoo can be rectified instantly. When you will use Yahoo technical support number experts will help you. They will give you proper instructions to subscribe Yahoo ad-free mail. The experts of customer care are 24 X 7 present to troubleshoot issues of their customers. Whenever you get glitches use a number of customer care and fix the issues.