Buddy List does not appear at sign on – AOL software for Apple

AOL is a brand which needs no introduction for the user. It is already a big name in the world of Email services. AOL was established in 1994 with a mission to provide best email service and it is now third largest Email service provider in the world. Billions of users are taking services of AOL. AOL is based on advance technology with wonderful features. AOL services includes email sending and receiving, Attachment  with email, spam management and many other services. Buddy list is also there to manage the friend’s list. If a user face any technical issue there is an option take help and that is AOL Customer Care +1-855-203-6376 Number . Customers can call 24×7 for the support.

We are just defining few technical issues which user face while using AOL.

  • AOL setup is not working appropriately.
  • AOL authentication issue.
  • AOL buddy list is not opening after sign in.
  • Issues related to sending email in AOL.
  • Email receiving issues in AOL.
  • Attachment sending error in AOL.
  • Spam management issue in AOL.
  • Password recovery issue in AOL.
  • Password hack issue in AOL.

buddy list not appear

Reason behind the Buddy list is not opening in AOL may be many and we are defining them one by one user can apply one after another if issues persist or there is one more option to resolve the issues just call us on our AOL technical Support Number +1-855-203-6376

Solutions for Buddy List:

  • Set up the AOL Buddy List to start automatically
  • Restart the computer close programs and retry
  • Trash the software preferences
  • Back up personal files and then delete and reinstall AOL software


What we will offer for you:

  • 24×7 online support system.
  • Remote assistance with data and system security.
  • Sure shot solution and very promptly.
  • Support from certified professionals.
  • No sign up or registration.
  • Rapid solution will be there.

Customers can call 24×7 and contact AOL email support +855-203-6376  to get support for any kind of technical issues.

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