Cannot open AOL Desktop Gold

Cannot open AOL Desktop Gold

Are you confronting the problem in opening AOL Desktop Gold? If your answer is yes! Then you must read this blog thoroughly to get the solution. There are times when you cannot open AOL Desktop Gold. This could be due to multiple reasons but you must first identify the possibilities. If those do not work even then you must follow the troubleshooting guidelines given in this blog to fix the glitch. You can also try to update AOL Desktop Gold to its latest version in order to resolve the trouble. Most of the time the older version create trouble for the users.

First of all, answer the given questions:–

  • Is there an active internet connection?
  • Are you entering the right credentials?
  • Have you done any recent changes to the device?
  • Is there any other software causing interruption?

If any of the above questions have a positive response from your side then you must follow the below-mentioned guide to rectify the trouble. This will, however, help you in resolving the issue.

Steps to fix problem AOL desktop is not working:-

  1. Check the connection – You can try to see the status of internet connection on your computer/laptop. If you get a slow or insufficient internet connection then fix it. Then make sure the AOL desktop software is working properly or not, if not then you should try next step.
  2. Restart the computer – You should try to restart your computer on which you have installed this software. After restarting process you will have to check your AOL desktop is working or not.
  3. Reinstall the software – When the above described both steps couldn’t solve the trouble that you are facing. You should opt for the reinstallation process. First of all, uninstall the AOL desktop from your computer and then install it again.
  4. Connect to customer care experts – When you find you are unable to resolve this problem then you should simply call the customer care experts. The techies of customer care will assist you to download AOL desktop gold to fix the issues appear with it. They are 24×7 avail to resolve the hitches of AOL desktop gold software so you can anytime connect with them.

AOL Gold software not working after Windows 10 update

AOL Gold software not working

The best product of AOL Inc. AOL desktop that is an interface used by the millions of users to access AOL mail and browse reliable sites. The latest version of this interface has the feature of automatic update, so users don’t need to take stress for updating it. However, if you found that AOL gold automatic update not working. Then you can follow the instructions suggested by the experts. If required you can try to download AOL desktop gold again to resolve the other issues. Reinstallation may be one solution for the troubleshooting the AOL desktop issues.

Resolve the AOL desktop automatic update not working issue:-

When you found that the automatic updates of AOL desktop are not working, first of all, you should check where the problem is? Is the automatic update turned on? It may be you have turned off the automatic update feature.

  • Open your computer and tap on the start menu.
  • Under the search box of the start menu type Update and select the Windows update.
  • Now tap on change the settings.
  • Click on important update and then tick on the checkbox named as install update automatically.
  • Now again check the box “Give me recommended updates.”
  • Save the changes by click on “Save.”

After changes the settings, make sure that your AOL desktop gold is properly working. Check the feature of the automatic update is working, if it is not working then you can get in touch with customer care team. The technical experts not only resolve your issues related to updating but also help to install AOL desktop gold. You can contact technical experts anytime and ask them for help. So, whenever you will need expert’s assistance for resolving the technical hitches just call them and share the problem you are facing with AOL desktop gold. Related to this interface you can fix any kind of trouble with the help of trained customer care executives. These experts are 24×7 available on the call and sort out the issues via remote access.

My aol icon disappeared from my screen

Download AOL Gold Desktop Software

AOL Desktop Just think what if your favorite watch goes missing? Or a pair of shades that you can’t do without just disappears from your closet? You surely will be baffled and get anxious. Same happens with the users when their AOL Gold icon vanishes from the desktop of their computer. If you are also the one experiencing the similar trouble then you can get your lost icon back on the desktop very easily. Just read the blog till the end and you will get the answer to My AOL Gold icon vanished from my computer’, but make sure that the fixture to be applied is properly followed.

People always prefer keeping those things within their reach which they like most. AOL Gold is an exceptional software which allows the users to access a variety of options including email, music, videos etc. at just one place. And to make the task more convenient, users keep the software on their desktop itself. Follow the given steps to get your vanished icon back.

Getting vanished AOL Gold icon back

  • Firstly, locate the system tray which is visible at the bottom right of your computer desktop
  • Select the arrow icon and click on it so that the hidden items will be shown
  • After that, right click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon and select the option to ‘create Desktop shortcut’
  • You will see that your AOL Desktop Gold is back with other folder or program icons.

You can also try using the method of drag and drop:

  • Open AOL Gold in your system by entering the name in the search bar
  • Then click on the go menu present in the toolbar
  • Select the application and locate the Gold icon
  • Then drag the icon using the mouse (by keeping on holding) to make a shortcut on your desktop

It might be possible that any of the given methods might not work so in such a situation, you must pay emphasis on getting the icon in the simplest way. If nothing happens you can easily AOL Desktop Gold Install with its latest version so that the icon will automatically appear on the desktop without any efforts. download


Are you bored of using Chrome, Mozilla and Safari? Do you Want to experience and use new search engine with enhanced security and automatic updates one can always try and AOL Gold Download. Features of AOL Desktop Gold include automatic updates and enhanced security and technology, two screens verification process, customized and new fonts and text option available, importing and exporting your personal data is easy, you can store your contacts and favorite on AOL server, Easy installations steps.

One of the basic thing you require to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold is to have an AOL account. If you don’t have one just quickly make the account by following some simple steps.

System Requirement for Installing AOL Desktop Gold is –

  • Windows 7 /8/8+/ 10.
  • 1GB Ram and Internet Explorer 7+.
  • Internet connection.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

For AOL Advantage Plan Member-:

  1. Sign in to AOL account.
  2. Under All Product section search for AOL Desktop Gold
  3. And just download it.

If you have Trial and subscription for AOL Desktop Gold

  1. Sign in your AOL account then manage subscription.
  2. Click on premium subscription and one can get started to use AOL Desktop Gold.

Steps for Installing AOL Desktop Gold-:

  1. You have to open your download folder.
  2. Then look for AOL desktop .exe file and double click it.
  3. Installation Wizard will open and then you have to follow the simple steps for completing the installation.
  4. If you are not able to locate the installation file in download folder then you can check your AOL mail inbox for the same installation file.

After you have successfully AOL gold download install you are ready to explore the rich features of AOL Desktop Gold and use its uninterrupted services as well. The team of experts known as AOL Customer support are there to help you if you are facing any problem in downloading or installing the AOL Desktop Gold. The support team can be connected at any time of the day, they will provide you with a satisfying solution to the problem.

aol favorites disappeared

AOL Gold is a very famous desktop application which is launched by AOL Inc. With the help of this software, AOL clients can access their emails and surf the internet on the single place by using a single platform. AOL Gold is known for having automatic updates feature with advanced technology and customized text and fonts.  Despite having so many characteristic features it too had some flaws like favorite and gold icon is missing etc. which can give you hard time when not resolved on-time. These faults can occur because of our careless usage and handling of this desktop application. Always remember to AOL Gold download from the official website and make sure to download the latest available version only.

The built-in Web browser of AOL Gold allows users to save their important web pages and they have the authority to transfer it to some safe place also. If your AOL Gold favorites are missing then you can retrieve it by following the steps mentioned below:

How to retrieve missing AOL Gold Favorites

  • Just logging top your AOL Gold account by using your existing email address and password which will automatically restore all your favorites and bookmarks.
  • You can also automatically transfer the favorites of your AOL Gold desktop. Just save the ‘Favorites folder’ in the secure location or a USB drive.
  • Then login to your AOL account
  • Click on favorites> Manage  Favorites
  • Then just drag and drop the saved Favorites from the USB drive
  • Click on Import all to upload the Favorite and then click Continue to save the changes.
  • If there are fewer webpages in your favorite then you can manually transfer them by copying single webpage URL and then pasting it under the Favorite option of your AOL Gold desktop.

This issue with the missing favorite can arise mainly when you Download AOL Gold Desktop Software on your new computer. So users must prepare themselves from the beginning itself and should also take proper measures so that they didn’t face this error. If this error is ever confronted by you then they should get in touch with the tech support engineers who are online 24×7 to assist you in resolving the error.


How to enable & disable browser password manager in AOL Gold

In times of online security threats, who does not want to safeguard themselves? The best way of not letting the threats affect you is by managing your passwords. However it is not so easy to organize your passwords on all the browsers you use, but it is just a minute’s task to do so on AOL Gold. This incredible browser allows you to access a variety of things like email, web, music, videos and much more at just one place. The password manager option in AOL Gold in is a secure way to manage your online password. For doing so you must AOL Gold Download properly with the help of instructions on the main page of AOL.

This browser comes with a variety of features like automatic updates, advanced technology, customized fonts and text options, two screen verification, import wizard and many more.

Enable browser password manager

  • Click on the keyword menu at the top of your AOL Gold window. Click go to the keyword.
  • Type Browser settings and tap the enter key
  • Visible at the left side of the window, click the browser tab
  • Click on Passwords tab
  • Check the box next to ‘offer to save passwords I enter on the web’
  • Once done go back to the main page

Disable browser password manager

Follow the same steps that are given above to disable the browser password manager. You just have to de-select the box next to ‘Offer to save passwords to entering on the web’ and then exit out of the settings window.

It is to be noted here that in times of need, you can also search your saved password by going to passwords tab and selecting to ‘search passwords’ field and then clicking on ‘show’ to display the saved password.

This is the browser which saves your time and efforts from entering the passwords again and again on the websites you visit. In case if the above steps do not work as expected then there might be some issue with your browser. It’s best to upgrade AOL Gold to the newest version available on the web so as to eliminate further issues.


Unable to Print from within AOL Desktop Gold

Have you tried using the latest technology of AOL Desktop Gold? If no then you are behind the time, you need to download AOL Desktop Gold at once. This application is used by millions of users all over the world because of its advanced features and easy accessibility.

Like all other applications and products, AOL Desktop Gold is also not away from technical and performance hiccups. Unable to print after giving the command from this application is one such issue which requires proper guidance from the experts to fix it.

You need to understand the reason why you confront this issue and then only you apply the steps needed to fix it. The issue of inability to print can be because of

  • Faulty printer
  • Corrupted printer file
  • Outdated driver and software

How to fix Unable to print issue

The steps required to fix the print issue in AOL Desktop Gold are mentioned below but make sure to perform the steps as directed:

Method 1: Check if the printer is working with another program

  • Create a new text document by doing a right click on the desktop
  • Write some dummy text in it
  • Then save it
  • And give the command to print the text document
  • If the print command does not work then follow the next method

Method 2: Clear the print spooler

Sometimes an issue arises due to the corrupted print spooler. So you need to clear the spooler

  • From the taskbar open printer icon located at bottom of the left side
  • A new window will appear showing some print jobs
  • If there are any pending print jobs then you need to delete it
  • After successful deletion of all job close the window.

Sometimes online a proper restart of the system and printer will solve the issue. But other time when you are sure that it is not the printer’s fault which causes error then you need to check the application is it updated or not. If not then it is advisable to update AOL Desktop Gold to rectify all types of issues. Even after doing these steps, the inability to print problem persist then you need to get in touch with a certified technician who can fix the issue in a fraction of second.


How to make AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser

How to make AOL Desktop Gold as the default browser

AOL Desktop Gold offers all-round security features to help prevent your AOL account from going into wrong hands. This is just an updated version of traditional AOL Desktop but with some improved and high-end features. This version is made keeping in mind the growing interest and requirements of the users. A smooth transition is ensured while allowing transfer of your usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail along with your favorites and contacts. Once you install the new version, the old ones will be replaced automatically.

It is quite common that when you start using something more you want it at your fingertips and also once you are comfortable you don’t even feel like another program. Same is the case with AOL Desktop Gold users, they prefer making it as their default browser. But confronted with troubles while trying to download AOL Desktop Gold. If you are also facing such issue, then you can try the undermentioned troubleshooting steps.

Solution: Making AOL Desktop Gold as the Default browser

Step 1: To set AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser and/or email client, follow the steps below:

Step 2: Open AOL Desktop Gold

Step 3: Log in using your username and password

Step 4: Click on Settings

Step 5: On the general tab, click on the ‘make default’ buttons to make this software as your default browser.

Step 6: A new window opens up. From the default apps tab, go to the web browser or to the email section and select your program from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Now you can access this software anytime as it has been set as your default browser

Once you will set it as your default browser you can easily make changes afterward too. You can install AOL Desktop Gold for your ease so as to ensure smooth and trouble-free processing of the browser. With the help of this default browser, you can access any website you want, stream videos and use your AOL email too. Also, don’t forget to clear all the cache and cookies before making it as your default browser.

Download AOL desktop Gold Software

Download AOL desktop Gold Software

The latest version of AOL desktop has various new updates which make users work easy. If you are using the old version of AOL desktop and getting trouble to upgrade it. Simply you can install AOL desktop Gold on your device. If you want to know about the updates this blog will help you. Have a glance at the updates of AOL Desktop Gold one by one, if you find this software better than earlier opt to install it.

Simple to install: The installation process of AOL desktop gold is simple. Therefore users don’t need to be frustrated. They can download it via AOL official website & then install it.

Auto update features:  The latest version of AOL desktop Gold has automatic updating functions. Users no need to rush for updating software.

Two-step verification process: This software has two-step verification process, which is best for the point for security. Your account cannot be miss-used by anyone.

Advanced Technology: Developers of AOL desktop has used advanced technology. That’s why it has improved the speed with high performance.

Customized fonts & text options: Users of this software have the freedom to personalize their preferences, style, text by changing fonts & text sizes.

Recovery of Old Data: Whenever users want they can recover their old data for instance username, passwords, toolbar icons etc to the new account. If users want they can import the file manually.

Updated Browser: With the help of this software, users can save all “favorites” & “Toolbar” quickly. If users want they can load their favorites websites faster than ever before.

These all are the reasons why should you choose the latest version of AOL desktop software. Visit the official site of AOL and download it. If you have any kind of trouble to install AOL Gold ask customer care to help you. Customer care service is always available to resolve their customer’s issues. You can find the solutions for any kind of issues related to AOL desktop Gold if you will get in touch with experts.

How to download and install AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold comprised of several features which can be utilized in many ways. To utilize it’s all the features and functions, you are required to first download its software and then it will be required to install on your system. Well, sometimes users face some error while downloading AOL Desktop Gold and even in installation. To rectify this error you are required to follow the steps which are provided below in the instruction. By doing so you will be able to resolve the issue in a rapid manner and if you could not follow the steps properly or face some error in any of the steps then you have another option as you can reach out to technical Support team to Download AOL Desktop Gold where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue

Download AOL Desktop Gold

To download the AOL Desktop Gold you have to just follow the below-mentioned steps-

If you’re an AOL Advantage Plan member then you can include it at without any additional cost with your membership

  1. To start the downloading process you are required to first sign in to your AOL account at the official website
  2. After that, you will be needed to scroll to “AOL Desktop Gold” which can be found under “All Products,”
  3. Now you have to just click on Download Now option.
  4. Finally after downloading you have to follow the installation steps which is listed below.

If you have an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription then you have to follow the different steps which provided below-

  1. To begin the process of downloading you need to Sign in to official page
  2. After that, you will be required to click on the Manage My Subscriptions option.
  3. Now you need to click on the Premium Subscriptions
  4. After the previous steps, Click Get Startedunder “AOL Desktop Gold”.
  5. Follow the installation steps listed below.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold

  1. To start the installation process of AOL Desktop gold, you have to open your Downloads
  2. After that, you have to double-click on the Install_AOL_Desktopicon and by doing so windows of Security windows will open.
  3. Now you need to click on the Run option and by that, the AOL Desktop Gold window will open.
  4. Finally, you have to just click on INSTALL NOW option which will prompt to uninstall older versions or import your mail. After that, you need to click on Yes, and then on OK. Button.

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The process which is provided above for downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold is to be followed very strictly in order to rectify the error while downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold. If you failed to do so then you have another option to resolve the issue through technical Support team where you get the assistance for AOL Desktop Gold in a rapid manner and without any kind of hassle.