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How to Clean the Print Head of an Epson Printer?

Part of printer Print head is responsible for printing. With the help of print head printer print ink on the paper. When any technical fault occurs with the print head of the Epson printer then users failed to print. The print head is very delicate part and gets damaged easily, therefore once it gets damage means users need to replace it. Sometimes simply by cleaning of the print head can solve the problem. Below givens steps will assist you to clean the print head. But if you are confused and need assistance. Use Epson printer tech support number which is always available for customers help. Through the tech support team, users will able to clean the print head to fix printer problem.

  • Turn off the printer and make sure this is connected to the computer. Now insert some piece of paper into the printer.
  • Now click on the start menu & click on control panel. Under the control panel click on “Printers and Faxes.” To clean the printer head, right click on the Epson printer & select the “Printing Preferences.” Click on “Maintenance” or “Head Cleaning” tab.
  • Choose the option “Head Cleaning.” In the Epson, Wizard request to start the cleaning. The printer will start working & cleaning process. While the printer is on cleaning process don’t attempt to print.
  • When the cleaning process is done, select the “Print Nozzle Check” under the printing preference. Take a test print. After the cleaning of printer head gets completed, the printout will show if it is effective or not.

If there is still a problem with printing quality and the lines are broken on the printout. You need to get help via customer care team. Try Epson printer technical support number which is 24 X 7 available to resolve a customer problem. Whenever users face trouble while printing the documents they can opt for tech support team to resolve the printing problem.

How to Troubleshoot an Epson Printer?

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Epson is a known name in the printer manufacturing industry as it has designed and developed such kind of printer which has some unique and multifunctional features. It is basically based on highly sophisticated technology which is compatible with every gadget or system. To utilize its features and functions you are required to install it on your system in a proper way. There might be a possibility that you might confront some technical problems but you should not worry as there are some options from which you can troubleshoot an Epson Printer or even ask for help through Epson Printer Customer Support Number where skilled and qualified experts will assist you in resolving the issues.

Step-1: First, you are required to check it whether it is plugged in or not if it is not then you should connect it to the power outlet and LED light should be on after that.

Step-2: You have to confirm it that the LCD screen should show the “Ready” or “Connected” or “Online” message. If the model is old then the green light should blink.

Step-3: To check it whether the printer is working fine or not, you are required to print a test page.

Step-4: You have to check the ink too whether it is filled properly or not and for that you can do a color test.

Step-5: You can utilize the printer’s self-cleaning mode to clean the printer which can be found under the driver’s “Utilities” or the printer’s “Properties” section. You have to just click on the “Clean Print Heads.”

Step-6: To verify that the paper tray is working in a proper way or not, you are required to check the paper tray once and see it that it should not be jammed.

The above-mentioned description can resolve your issue in a proper way. One thing you are required to remember it that you should follow each and every step which are provided in the instruction in a proper manner. Even after that, you failed to resolve the issue then there is another option in the form of Epson Printer Customer Care Number where you will be assisted by the certified technicians within a short span of time and without any kind of hassle.


How to Fix Epson Printer Spooler Print Error 0x800706b9?

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Epson Printers can be counted as one the most efficient printers I the world and it is maintaining the quality of a long. It is basically based on highly sophisticated technology and a leading Brand in the print industry. It has several unique features which can be useful for you, but despite that, you may face some technical errors in it such printer spooler error 0x800706b9 which need to be resolved. Printer spooler is an inbuilt software program which is main work is to keep the documents in order which are in the queue for the print. If it will not work in a proper way then there will not be any queue for print. The printer will send all the print order at a single time and that will cause a big error. So in order to resolve the spooler error, you can follow the steps which are provided over here and in case you face some error while following the steps then there is another option for you in the form of Epson Printer Technical Support Number where you will get the help from certified technicians.

Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Spooler Print Error 0x800706b9:

Solution to resolve by fixing computer registry

Step 1: To start the process you need to press the Windows Logo key + R.

Step 2: after that, you are required to type regedit when a Run dialog opens, and then you have to press Enter.

Step 3: it might be possible that you can be prompted by a User Access Control message, then you need to click on Yes and even for password also then you need to provide your password too.

Step 4: in this step, you have to navigate in the left pane of registry editor to HKEY _LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servcies\spooler.

Step 5: After the previous step you have to click on the Spooler key to display its contents towards the right pane.

Step 6: Now in this step first you have to locate the value which is named like DependOnService and then you have to double-click on it for the modifications.

Step 7: You can find it that the Value data field is containing the term RPCSS, followed by HTTP in the next line, what you have to do is just remove the HTTP part and the other part will remain as it is as the value’s data.

Step 8: We are towards final step where you have to save the changes by clicking on OK button.

Step 9: Finally you have to just close the Registry Editor and have to restart your computer, and you can find it that there is no error now.

As it is observed by above solution with steps that it is not that hard to resolve the issue and you have to just follow the steps one by one and in a strict manner. In any case, if you face some error while following the steps then there is another option for you in the form of Epson Printer Customer Support Number where certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issues within no time.