How to Connect an HP Printer to an Apple Laptop

HP Printer Not connecting to an Apple Laptop

HP is one of the leading brands in technical stuff. They have their products that are making a happy customer for their companies. They have been innovating and producing products that are not just easing up the work of the user but also gives them some enjoyment whenever they want. One of their most renowned product is the HP printer. Now, this blog will enlighten steps as to how you can connect an HP printer to you Apple Laptop. These printers have saved a lot of time of the users as well as they have provided them with less hassle because you can use it at home as well as in your office for all the paperwork. But connecting the printer to MacBook is slightly difficult because the settings what Apple gives is very different from what other OS have.

One thing that users love about HP products is, they are value for money and also have affordable prices. So there are not just one but many reasons as to why you should choose the HP printers over others.

If you are using Mac, then it might be tricky to connect the HP printer to your laptop. Here is how you can do it:

  • Before setting up this you go in the Apple menu and check for any updates for the HP printer. If there would be any, do it right away before proceeding further, because if you won’t do that your printer might not function as expected. So it is always advised that you check the updates.
  • Once this step is completed you are good to go. Now turn on the power of the printer.
  • Now set your preferences by clicking on the Apple Icon. And then hit the scan and print option.
  • You will then see the plus sign on the printer, by clicking on that you will get a pop-up where you will have to input the admin name and password.
  • After this, you will just have to add your HP printer and then use it.

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If in case you have any problems in doing anything you can directly reach out to the HP customer care service for assistance. They will always be there to help you 24*7.