How to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold?

How to download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL is known for its amazing features and function which can be utilized to exchange the emails and documents in another way as email is an essential part for everyone. There is a possibility that you might confront with some technical error such as failed to download and install AOL Desktop Gold. In that case, you have an option in the form of  AOL App For Windows 10 where you will be able to get the assistance from certified experts within a short span of time and without any hassle.

There is a process which is required to be followed by you in order to resolve the issues in AOL Desktop Gold-

  1. To start the process first you have to click on the blue Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now button.
  2. Now you have to navigate to the Desktop and then just click on Save button.
  3. After the previous step, you can see that download has been Now you have to check if AOL Desktop Gold is still downloading in the lower-left corner of the window. If you can see a spinning icon in the tray then it means that process of download is still going on.
  4. After that the moment AOL Desktop Gold has been downloaded, then you are required to click on Install_AOL_Desktop.exe and then select the Show option in Folder.
  5. In this step, you can see a window and you have to just double-click on the Install_AOL_Desktop to start the installation process.
  6. Now you have to enter the password when prompted.
  7. Finally, in this step, AOL Desktop Gold software has downloaded and installed.

As it can be very clear that the above process can resolve the error of download and installation of AOL Desktop gold Software and do so you have to just follow the steps in a strict manner. If you face some problem while following the steps then you have another option in the form of AOL Customer Care Number where you can get the help from qualified technicians in a rapid manner.

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