How to Fix Acer Laptop Display Problems?

Everyone can’t be a technician and to handle the technical issues everyone needs the support of qualified experts in the Acer Laptop. Acer is brand with multiple products and among them, its laptops are a more popular product. It is quite possible that you may confront some technical issue while dealing with Acer laptop and to resolve them you need a helping hand who can rectify every technical problem in Acer laptop. There is a way by which you can resolve the issue by following the process of problem ‘display error in Acer Laptop’. You are required to just follow the steps which are given over here and in case you failed to do so then there is another option for you in the form of Acer Customer service number where you will get the help from skilled technicians who can resolve every issue you face in Acer Laptop.

To resolve the issue of display error in Acer Laptop you need to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one-

Step-1: In the beginning, you are required to just hold down the “Fn” key.

Step-2: After that, you have to just tap the right-arrow key to brighten the display screen.

Step-3: In this step, you need to tap the left-arrow key to darken the display screen.

Step-4: Now you can release the “Fn” key to save your display settings.

Step-5: After that, you have to right-click on the desktop and then you need to click on the “Graphic Properties.”

Step-6; Here you are required to adjust the screen resolution by clicking “Display Settings” and just after that by choosing a resolution setting from the drop-down menu. Now here you have to click on “Apply” to check the resolution of the display and just after that you have to click on “OK” in order to save the resolution settings.

Step-7: Now in this step, you can adjust the color of the screen by simply clicking on the “Color Correction” and by moving the brightness or contrast slider to the right or left. After that, you are required to click on “Apply” to check the color resolution of the display is set or not. To finish the step you have to just click on “OK” to save the color settings.

Step-8: Now in this step, you have to just click on “OK” to exit the Graphic Properties application.

Step-9: Now we are towards the final step and here you have to right-click on the desktop and then click on “Personalize,” then “Display Settings” and then “Advanced Settings.”

Step-10: After the previous step you have to click the “Intel® Graphics” tab and then choose “Monitor Properties” and after that click “Driver.”

Step-11: Here you will be required to click on “Update Driver” and then just choose “Search Automatically.”

Step-12: In the final step, you need to click on the “Install” option in order to install the updated monitor driver and just after that, you have to click on “OK” to restart the laptop when prompted.

That’s it the complete process where you can change the display setting by simply following the instructions as given above in the process. After following the process, you will be able to change the display setting according to your requirements. It might be possible that you may face some error while following the process, in that case, you can ask for support from Acer Technical Support Number where qualified experts will assist you in resolving the issues.


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