fix the problem of black screen error on acer

How to fix the problem of black screen on an Acer laptop

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Whenever a laptop screen goes black all of a sudden, it could mean many things and there are many possible reasons behind it. So while taking the initiative to handle the problem, you must be careful and precise with your move. It could be hardware related or the software. So you need to make a systematic approach to the problem. Black screen problems are common with every laptop, and recently, there have been complaints about the problem of black screen on Acer laptops. When this happens, you must not panic and remain calm as there are many available solutions you could try to dissolve this problem you can contact Acer Customer Care Number to fix issue. So if you are eager to learn how to administer the steps and solutions you can give this blog a read. You can also get the tips from certified representatives at Acer customer service.

Listed below are some solutions you can try to erase the problem of black screen on your Acer laptop. These solutions have been known to give results instantly so be careful while executing the steps to avoid any unwanted errors.

Update or upgrade the graphics card driver.

If you have an outdated graphics card driver, it may lead to the manifestation of the black screen error on Acer laptop. You can use the Driver Easy tool to upgrade the graphics driver.

  • First, you will have to download Driver Easy and after that install it on your laptop.
  • Now open and run it on your system and click the ‘scan now’ button. It will conduct a routine scan of your system and will notify you of any necessary driver updates.
  • Once the list is out, click on the ‘update’ button and this will automatically download the most current and updated version of the driver.
  • To let it take the full effect, you must restart your computer once the update is complete.

Update the BIOS software.

The BIOS software on your laptop system is responsible for tracking and repairing any hardware issue on your computer. So this software needs to be updated at all times. Outdated BIOS software can also cause the black screen on Acer laptop.

  • First, prepare the USB flash drive by downloading the BIOS firmware from the Acer support website.
  • After downloading the file, you need to ‘extract all files’ from the ZIP- file.
  • Now search for a file name ‘3310.fd.’ under the folder that has the same name as the file and ‘rename’
  • Now copy the renamed file and the Flashit.exe files to the USB drive.
  • You must now plug in the USB flash drive into the USB port and press ‘Fn’ and ‘Esc’ together and press the power button.
  • Let the system run and after a while, it will restart with a new updated BIOS software.

If you face any kind of complication or technical error while performing these steps, you can consult the executives at Acer customer service.