HP Printer Tech Support Number

In the present modern age if you are looking for such kind of gadget which can be helpful for you in multiple tasks then apart from one name you will find nothing and that is HP Printer. Yes, that is HP which has such kind of machine for you which can provide multiple facilities like printing, scanning, photocopy, and even fax. All such facilities can get within a single machine and HP is the brand. It has several models which have such kind of multiple functions. Some of the printer models are HP OfficeJet Pro printers, HP PageWide business Printers, HP LaserJet printers, HP digital presses, HP large-format printers, HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One Printer, HP Sprocket Photo Printer, HP OfficeJet 4650 All-in-One Printer and many other which widely used in across the world by millions. You might have faced some issues in the past so if in future you face the same then just reach out to HP Printer Customer Support Number where each and every issue will be handled by the certified experts with the accurate response.

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There might be many technical errors in HP Printer while using it, but here is the description of some of them and solution of few one.

  • Printer setup installation error
  • Driver installation issue
  • Unable to setup printer in a wireless connection
  • Printer spooler is off
  • The printer is showing offline
  • Print job stuck in queue error
  • Paper jam issue in HP Printer
  • Ink cartridge problem
  • Faded printout issue
  • Some other small issues

All these issues are technical and need to be rectified in a proper manner and to resolve such kind of issues, there is some option and the best one is HP Printer Helpline Number Team which can help you in resolving the issues with the help of skilled and qualified technicians. Here you can find out some solutions to the complete process and you need to follow the same in a strict manner. Below are few solutions of technical errors in HP Printer for you-

Resolving the technical error, Printer is showing offline

There are few reasons which might cause this issue. So in order to resolve the issue, you need to remove those reasons and here is the way which you need to follow step by step-

Check the Printer- You have to check it out first your printer that it is properly plugged in or not and if it is not then you have to plug in, in a proper manner and now you have to check is there any warning lights and if is that so then understand the meaning of those warning light and check it that your printer has any kind of “Connected to the network” indicator light. If it exists then, you have to make it sure that it is on. Now just restart your printer if you think it is not responding properly.

Drivers- if your printer’s drivers are not installed properly then you might face this error and you have to install it in a proper way. There are the ways to setup disc of the driver to install it.

Wired Connection- you need to check out that the cord through which your printer is connected to the system is working properly or not or plugged in properly in printer and computer both. You have to make it sure that there is no kinks or cuts in the cord and if that so just changed the cord.

Wireless Connection- You have to ensure it that the wireless connection is working properly and the printer is not too far from the computer. You can reset the wireless connection if it is not working properly.

In case you failed to resolve the issues by simply following the steps then there is another way to sort it out through HP Printer Customer Support Number where skilled technicians will assist you resolving the error in a proper way.

The solution for Printer spooler is off

There is a straight a single method to resolve the issue where HP Printer Spooler is Off and here is the solution for the same where you need to follow the instructions as they are provided below-

Step-1  You need to first click on the Start Menu and then you have to click on the “Control Panel” icon.

Step-2  Now you have to just double-click on the “Administrative Tools” icon which can be found in the pop-up window.

Step-3  After that, you have to just double-click on the “Services” which is a shortcut icon, and it will open a full list of all the available computer services.

Step-4  In this step, you are required to use the scroll bar which is on the right side of the window to find out the “Print Spooler” options.

Step-5  Finally, you need to click on the “Start the Service” to turn on the HP Printer Spooler and then allow printing to begin again.

HP Printer Support

You must have observed and understood it up to now that the technical issues which face very often can be resolved in an easy way by simply following the instructions in a proper manner. One thing you have to keep in mind that you need to follow each and every step one by one in a strict way in order to resolve the issue. If you could not do that then there is another way out for you in the form of HP Printer Customer Service Number where you will be assisted by the well-qualified and skilled technicians who will take care of each and every technical problem in HP printer. You can avail the service at any time as the services are available 24×7 online without any hassle.